Yes, God of War 5 is Already in Development for PlayStation 5

Given the massive success of last year’s God of War, we all knew this was coming. God of War 5 is already gearing up for development; for PlayStation 5 most probably.

This was confirmed by a new appearance of job listings. The listings were displayed in Sony Santa Monica’s career website. Sony Santa Monica is the studio behind the God of War franchise.

If that wasn’t hint enough, the job listings also described God of War related specifications. Such as knowing about the lore of the games.

Another part of the job listing mentioned working with new hardware. This could mean we won’t be seeing God of War 5 until the PlayStation 5 comes out. Don’t count on God of War 2020.

Sony did express interest in making the next generation of cinematic games. God of War 2018 and Red Dead Redemption 2 proved what the gaming industry needs. The awards they received spoke for all of us. And a God of War Sequel is something we all would love to have

People still want cinematic games and compelling single-player stories. God of War 2018 delivered just that alongside a sort of reawakening to the ongoing franchise. A new God of War Sequel will look to retain that magic.

Sony did also add that they’d like to delve into the multiplayer side of things. Hopefully this doesn’t overshadow what they’re best at. God of War and the Last of Us are prime examples of what put the platform on top. Spider-Man was another example of what the PlayStation 5 should try sticking to.

So when can we expect God of War 5? 2019 is a big fat no. 2020 is a possibility but I still wouldn’t have high hopes for it. 2021 is being generous and saying that’s when we’ll see the game. The thing we should wait for first is the PlayStation 5 announcement.

We do know that Sony Santa Monica had so much God of War content that it was too big for a DLC. Perhaps we’ll see what they were talking about in the God of War 2018 sequel.

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