Yakuza: Like a Dragon Chapter 2 Blood Reunion Walkthrough

For this Yakuza: Like a Dragon Chapter 2 Blood Reunion Walkthrough, we will be showing you through the entire mission step-by-step in a detailed guide.

Yakuza: Like a Dragon Chapter 2 Blood Reunion

Ichiban is released in 2019, and contrary to what was mentioned in the letter she got from Masumi, there is no one to welcome his release. Therefore, Ichiban meets Koichi Adachi, who is a former detective.

The Detective will explain that Masumi and his group are a part of the Omi Alliance now.

Masumi gave in the information leading to the police crushing the Tojo Clan. Ichiban refuses to believe this, upon which Adachi takes him along to Yokohama to investigate the case.

When Ichiban reaches Tobacco Granny, she is nowhere to found. Instead, you will find the Mafia Guy from Arakawa Family.

Fight him and the goons off and meet Snack Bar Mama that will direct you to your old school friend, where you can gather information about Tojo Clan and Arakawa Family.

Ichiban will then find out that Mastato is dead too and Masumi’s betrayal to Tojo Clan might be a result of that.

Ichiban will then go to his home in Kamurocho where he will again encounter Adachi who wants your help to figure out why Masumi snitched and to uncover the money routed to Horinouchi.

Adachi will then give you a smartphone after pointing out the Chinese restaurant. You can use it to call a cab and take pictures.

You can also access DLC and store. To access the smartphone, you need to find it in the main menu.  Head towards the destination point to continue

Nick Ogata will teach you how to use a smartphone and you will encounter some Omi goons here. One of them is level 5 so fight carefully.

Adachi will then ask you to be prepared. Stock up items and don’t forget to save the game here.

To progress further you need to talk to Adachi who will now be on your side and you can be back in your old hometown.

Go left at the first fork and then go north and finally around the east to find the objective. You will have to kill some enemies here.

You will then come across a save point and free recovery spot.

Get the Dirty Handtowel in the opposite corner of the area and take the exit. Choose the second option to continue.

Before exiting you can also pick up the Staminan light by turning around and a Half Eten Bento in the northeast corner.

Head upstairs and find the two opponents behind the door. Be careful as one of them has a gun too.

Get the Mysterious Leaf from the southeast corner that will recover 10MP. Jump across the roofs straight into the fight and pick up the Wrap and Hashbrown.

Before you exit, don’t forget to use the recovery point.

Fight the two enemies in the hallway and pick up the Gauze, Stamina Light and the Hand Grenade.

On the other side of the door, you will find yourself not welcomed and you will have to fight Sawashiro Jo. Use the baseballs and grenades against him.

After you finish Jo off you will receive a chance to save the game. Your money will also be drained and you will be awarded Story Clear 2 achievement.