Yakuza Dead Souls Mini-Games Guide

Learn how you can play mini-games in Yakuza Dead Soul.

If you get bored playing the main story of Yakuza: Dead Souls, you can play some of these mini-games to rack up extra bucks to buy weapons and equipment that will help you survive the zombie apocalypse.

Yakuza: Dead Souls Mini-Games

Following are some of the mini-games you can play in Yakuza Dead Souls:
Following are some of the mini-games you can play in Yakuza Dead Souls:

Aromatherapy Massage
Ah, Komori Jun – she’ll be the masseuse this time around, and you can have a relaxing experience from her in the Love-in-Heart bar. The massage mini-game is quite simple.

You press circle to raise the meter and X to bring it down. After that, you need to spin the left and right analog sticks properly so you can fill up the body meter. Failing to do so will fail the game.

Also, you must take care that the meter prior to the analog sticks part must not touch the top or the bottom; keep it hanging at the ‘sweet spot’. By the sweet spot I mean as close to the top without actually overshooting.

To unlock the two VIP courses, you need to play the game 4 and 6 times respectively.


The four courses you get to choose from are:

  • Standard Massage – 5,000 yen
  • High Grade Massage – 8,000 yen
  • VIP Limited Oil Massage Course – 10,000 yen
  • Super VIP The World’s Greatest Limited Course – 15,000 yen

Batting Center
To play this mini-game, enter the batting center and go up to one of the doors to play. You can choose the difficulty by selecting the door, far left being the easiest and the far right being the most difficult.

You have to use your left analog stick to aim and press O to swing. The trick to scoring homeruns is not to observe the pitch but to actually observe the batter.

When the time for hitting a homerun is correct, the batter will tense up a bit and the stance will slightly change. This is the exact time to swing to score a homerun.

Also, it is important to note that the speed of the pitch is not randomized in this game. That means for a specific difficulty, you will almost always get a specific set of pitch speeds.

Try to note the first time how much the speed is for all complete 20 pitches. Once determined, you can easily anticipate it the next time you play that difficulty.

Billiard is located inside Cuez Bar. You can talk to the guy near the table to start playing.

Once you have done so, you will be asked the difficulty level and the type of billiard game to play. Anyone’s who has played the game in actuality or virtually will be able to get the hang of the controls.

You must aim your shot with the left stick or D-pad and then press circle to go into shot mode. You can press square to get an overview of the table, which might give you better aim.

Once in shot mode, the left stick will determine the amount of spin on the ball and the right stick will determine the amount of force you apply. Make a pull and shoot movement with the right stick to shoot the ball. Simple. You can also cancel the shot mode by pressing X, which will return you to the aiming mode.

Nine Ball games have 9 balls that you must sink in numerical order from 1-9 (the game will indicate which ball it is). The player to sink the 9 ball first wins.

Rotation games are similar, except there are 15 balls in the game, and you get points for sinking a ball equivalent to the number written on it. The player with the most points when all the balls have been sunk wins.

Eight Ball has two different types of balls – solids and stripes. The ball type is associated with the player who manages to sink the first ball. Once all his respective ball types are finished, he must shoot the black 8-ball in a specified hole to win.

Four Ball is an alternative billiards game that does not contain any sinking of the ball. You must shoot the cue ball to hit one ball first and then hit another ball second time to actually score a point. The player to score 15 points first wins.

You can play Blackjack on the casino floor in Dragon Palace or in the Underground Casino. The game is quite simple; you win if you are closer to 21 points than any other. Face cards are all worth 10 and aces are worth 1 or 11, and the rest of the cards have the same value as written on them.

Winning a regular hand will give you back twice your bet. Getting a blackjack will give you back thrice your bet.

There at two types of Blackjack tables that can be played on: the high stake and low stake tables. The high stakes table has a minimum bet of 100 and a maximum bet of 1000. The low stakes table has a minimum bet of 10 and a maximum bet of 100.

To bowl, go to Mach Bowl and talk to the guy at the counter.

Use the D-Pad or left stick to move your character and press circle to choose where you want to shoot from.

Then a directional allow will appear which you must time your pressing of the circle button to choose the direction the ball will be thrown. Then the shot power meter will reciprocate, and you must press circle again to stop the meter where desired. Make sure to hit the ‘sweet spot’ of the meter.

Each pin is worth 1 point. If you manage to topple all the pins, then you get a ‘strike’ which itself is worth 2 additional points. Also, your next two shots will be added to the point total after scoring a strike.

You will get various items for different points and challenges. The items for the challenges are:

  • Challenge 01 – Toughness Z
  • Challenge 02 – Trainer +
  • Challenge 03 – Toughness ZZ
  • Challenge 04 – Trainer ++
  • Challenge 05 – Tourmaline Brace
  • Challenge 06 – Silver Plate
  • Challenge 07 – Toughness Emperor
  • Challenge 08 – Toughenss Infinity
  • Challenge 09 – Stamina Royale
  • Challenge 10 – Platinum Plate

Boy! Talk about the tongue-twister of a name! You can play the game at Dragon Palace in an option at the Gambling Den floor.

The game consists of 4 players. At the beginning of the game a starting dealer will be decided. The dealer will then role 3 dice in a bowl and try to make a hand in a maximum of three tries. A regular hand is made by having two of the dice be the same, with the third dice being the hand itself.

The other players will then try to make a hand and beat that number. They will also get three tries. If the dealer fails to make a hand, they lose and everyone gets paid.

You start out with a 200 point maximum bet. When you complete 10 games and 15 games, your maximum bet will increase to 500 points and 1000 points respectively.

To increase your chances of a good hand in the game, you can get various betting items from Bob B at Naomi’s as part of the downloadable content pack.

Like Chinchirorin, Chouhan can be found as an option at the Gambling Den floor in the Dragon Palace.

The concept of the game is to choose whether the two dice rolled make an odd or even number.

Initially you will only be able to choose even and odd, but after playing five games you will also have the option of choosing the exact number. You will win more points this way, but your chances of losing are far greater than otherwise.

After playing 15 games, you will get the option to guess the exact number of the two dice. There is a very high reward, but the chances for success are extremely low. After playing 25 games, you will get the chance to go double the amount or with nothing after you win.

You start out with a maximum bet of 200 chips in Chouhan. After 10, 20, and 30 games, your maximum bet will increase to 500, 800, and 1000 respectively.

To increase your chances of success, consider buying Even Prayer Beads and the Bias Brand Cigarettes.

The location to play darts is Bantam. Talk to the guy by the board to initiate. The first time you try to play, you will need to buy a “dartslive member card”. You will be forced to buy a player card and enter your name for it the first time you play.

From there you will be taken to the game selection screen. You can choose various games of darts, which are 01 Game, Cricket, or Count-Up.

Once you have selected a game to play, the match will start. Aim with the left stick and ‘pull and shoot’ with the right analog stick. It sounds easy, but timing is the key to hitting the bull’s eye. You have to correctly shoot at a specific time after pulling on the right stick to make the dart go straight.

Pull too early and it will be off-target smacking the board hard. Pull too late and it will fly with a trajectory and hit low on the board.

The center of the board (bullseye) is worth 50 points. The board has labels from 1-20 for all the areas going towards the bulls-eye on the outside of the board. These numbers indicate what points you will get for landing a dart inside the respective region.

There is also an outer and inner ring on the board. The outer ring is a double point ring and the inner ring is a triple point ring, so scoring 20 on a triple point ring will actually give you 10 more points than a bullseye

In 01 Games you must hit the triple 20 till a certain number of points. At the end you will be asked to hit a number told. Do so to win.

In Cricket games you open a number by hitting 3 marks on it. After that you can score on it as per the regular scoring until your opponent “closes” the number on you by getting 3 marks on it. The player with the most points at the end wins.

Count-Up is simple; you win by having the most points at the end of the game. The best strategy is to try to get as many triple 20s as possible.

The fishing mini-game is located at the docks, which you can go to via a cab. Once at the docks, you will need to talk to the angler to buy some bait.

After buying bait, you can use the fishing pole, choose the bait, and start fishing. Bait is extremely important for the amount of range you can cast your line in. Apart from the angler, you can also find bait in Popo Mart or Smile Burger.

There will be a blue meter at the bottom of the screen with fish icons on it. You must cast your line beside the fish that you wish to catch.

Once you have cast your line, you can reel it in by tapping R1 or L1. When you get a bite, a prompt will show up, asking you to press O, which you must press on time and reel in the fish.

However, the fish itself will move back and forth quite a bit, and you must match your direction with the fish by using the left analog stick.

Be sure to keep an eye on the tension meter; if it fills up fully or hits the bottom you will lose. Once you have reeled the fish all the way, pull back the left stick to bring it out of the water.

You must go to the Karaoke parlor to initiate the game. You will be asked to choose from various options and eventually the song.

Playing the game is fairly simple, with a format resembling Guitar Hero (except much more simplified). Press the button the game tells you to, and if it has an extended blue line, you must hold that button for the period of time.

For a pink line, you must press the button repeatedly for the extension. You need to be with certain characters to sing certain songs.

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