Yakuza Dead Souls Money Making Guide

How make some quick cash in Yakuza Dead Souls.

Money isn’t everything in Yakuza Dead Souls, but if you’ve been hitting on girls and have been a crazy spendthrift, then the lack of it can definitely become troublesome so we decided to make a Yakuza Dead Souls Money Making guide to help.

Thankfully, there are more than just a couple of ways through which you can earn bucks (or should I say yen) fast.

Yakuza Dead Souls Money Making

In this guide, we’ll go over the various methods of earning money faster than usual. For more help on Yakuza Dead Souls, read our Mini-Games and Crafting Guide.

So, here’s the first and most-used method:

Lucky Baccarat
The best way to really get some good cash is to try your luck out in the baccarat game, which can be found in Dragon’s Palace or Underground Casino.

Make sure to first save your game though. Secondly, you should have some sort of cash in your hand already to make an investment.

When you’re at the casino buy a load of chips (10,000 would be nice if you have the money for it). After that play as the dealer and bet the maximum amount.

If you win, exchange your winnings for platinum plates. Then get out of the casino and dump the plates in your item box, and have fun as these. Make sure to keep 10,000 or so chips to repeat this step again.

If you lose, just reload and try it out again. Spending a couple of hours playing baccarat will really earn you lots and lots of money… totally worth it if you ask me.

Walk and Earn
If you’ve got the prior Yakuza 3 save data present, then it’s your lucky day. You get the Gion Bell, which has the amazing ability to grant you money for every step you take. Sure, it sounds time-consuming and dull to aimless walk on streets of Kamuro City, but there isn’t anything that can’t be tricked into a game.

A great way to actually utilize this in the best manner possible is to go into a safe location, plug in your controller so the console doesn’t turn off, use a trusty rubber band to hold the analog stick in a forward position, and just let your character walk all over the play.

It doesn’t matter if he walks into a wall or anything, as you get money for the steps, you take, not where you take them.

You can leave your console on and go about your business, or leave it for an entire night. By the end of it, you’d have earned a fortune. Repeat whenever you feel you can afford to and become a rich Japanese.

Gold Plates
This is quite a simple method of earning money, but can make you reckless. Exchange your points with Hasegawa for gold plates and sell them to Ebisuya 100,000 yen a piece.

There’s no need to worry about shortage of points, as you will mostly acquire more than you need to. However, make sure to first get all the necessary items (such as potions) before doing this.

Spicy Knives
Another great way to earn money is to head to the Underground Coliseum and buy a weapon called a Spicy Knife. It costs around 1500 yen.

You can then sell this weapon shop on the rooftop for 100,000 yen each. If you already have enough money at hand, you can buy multiple Spicy Knives for yourself and then sell them all on the rooftop and become Richie Rich.

If you know other clever ways to earn fast money in Yakuza 4, please feel free to share with us.

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