Yakuza 6 Trouble Missions Guide

Social Networking is everywhere including Yakuza 6. After a little bit of time playing the story, you will start to notice an app called ‘Troublr’ on your phone. You may be wondering what it is for or what it does and that is what this Yakuza 6 Trouble Missions Guide is going to answer.

Our Yakuza 6 Trouble Missions Guide will tell you all about the ‘Troublr’ app and the Trouble Missions that you can do. We will tell you what the missions are, how to do them, and what do you get for doing them.

Yakuza 6 Trouble Missions

The Troublr app will give you a fair amount of notifications for missions. These are smaller level missions which the Yakuza need not be bothered with.

You have to do these for people all around the two cities. Remember that doing these missions is not compulsory and you can decide to skip through them if you want. Let us go ahead and take a look at how to do Yakuza 6 Trouble Missions and what rewards might you get for completing them.

How to Start Trouble Missions

Trouble Missions appear as violet dots on your map. They start when you accept the missions using your phone.

Once you have done that, you can go and complete the objective which can be anything from beating someone down until they agree to do whatever it is you were tasked with or to delivering medicine to someone within a specific amount of time.

If you end up failing your mission, you will be offered the chance to do it again via a new message on your phone.

Remember that one of the most difficult of these missions is when you are tasked with finding a bomb in Kamurocho. It is on the second floor of the Millennium Tower.

As for your rewards, you will get a few experience points. In the majority of the cases, the work that you have to do will not match the reward so it is best if you do these missions only when you need a few more points for your next upgrade or if you are looking to build up a reserve of the experience points.

Troublr – Onomichi

A Grave Incident
Go to the cemetery and talk to the group of men standing near the tombstone. Doing so, will cause them to flee the scene, leaving you with a 4-minute-timer to find them all. They’re marked by purple dots on the map. Find them all and beat ‘em up.

An Onomichi Illness
Go to the East National Road 2, and find the sick person near the vending machine who will ask you to bring him one Toughness ZZ. Buy one from nearby and give it to him to complete the mission.

Flames of Vengeance
Go to the dock to find a suspicious man standing near the vending machines. Subject him to brute force in order to complete the mission.

Lost and Found
Go to the Ryunan Shrine and talk to the woman near the bench. A timer of 5 minutes will start. Go to the cemetery to find the kid and bring him back to his mother, thus completing the mission.

On the Edge: Onomichi
Someone seems to be in danger, and about to paint the ground by falling from the roof of the Central Shopping District. In order to start the mission, you will have to approach the man from below to talk to him. You will have to reach him within 2 minutes. Use one of the two ladders nearby to go to the rooftop.

Deal with the thugs on the rooftop, and interact with the hole through which the man has fallen through. After pulling him up, you will have completed the mission.

Onomichi Alight
Find the fire, and then locate a fire extinguisher. Put out the fire within the time limit.

Pocket Protector
After receiving a notification, go to the corner street of Hana-no-Kubo to trigger an encounter with the pickpocket. Chase after the pickpocket and beat him up to complete the mission.

Rumblings in Onomichi
Go to the Oyster Shack and talk to the owner. You will see a pickpocket robbing a woman. Chase him down and beat him up to complete the mission.


An Explosive Game
When you receive the post from your app, you will have a total of 10 minutes to find the bob at the Kamuro Theater Rooftop Garden. The entrance to the theater is found at the corner of Theater Ave and Taihei Blvd. Simply head to the top using the elevator.

You can find the bomb on the floor lying beside a plant pot on the North-Western part of the building.

An Explosive End
After a completing ‘An Explosive Game’. You will receive a message from Torafuru who says he has found the location of the bomber. Another timer of 8 minutes will start, and you will have to find him in one of the three internet cafes in town.

Our guy can be found in the Maintain internet café’s branch in the Senryo Building.

Talk to the man wearing the face mask, and knock him out to complete the mission.

A Powerful Foe Appears – Kamurocho
Sodachi can be found around the city, and you can continue to defeat him in battle. Note that the more you defeat him, the tougher he gets with each battle.

A Sauced Up Pod
You’ll receive a post regarding a drunk man in the park. Before you go there, grab some booze from a convenience store and head to the drunk guy to give him the booze and complete the mission.

Forgot to get the booze? You’ll have a total of 5 minutes to get it for him from the nearest convenience store.

Danger to Dating
For this mission, you will have to find some hunters and beat them up. You can find them in one of three places.

  • Old Senryo Bldg, Senryo Ave.
  • East Millenium Tower St.
  • Nakamichi Alley

In Defense of Chivalry
Hunt down the group of perverts harassing women and beat them up. You will be able to find the encounter in one of three places.

  • Right in front of Millenium Tower
  • Theater Tower
  • Inside the Millenium Tower

In Hot Water
Go to the alley directly North of Kyushu No. 1 and pick the ramen up from the guy. You have a total of 5 minutes to deliver the ramen. Once you learn the location from the man, head to the given location and make the delivery to complete the mission.

Kamurocho Alight
After finding the place lit on fire, find a fire extinguisher and put it out before time runs out. Keep in mind that you won’t be able to climb ladders to reach fires in high places, so make sure to look out for alternative routes to reach the fire.

Keeping the Peace
Teach a bunch of no-goods a lesson for harassing random civilians. You can find them in one of three locations.

  • Hotel District
  • Theater Square
  • Nakamichi Alley

Menace to the Middle-Aged
Find the dad-hunters and teach them a lesson to rescue the men being harassed. You can find them in one of three places.

  • Corner of the E. Millenium Tower and E. Shichifuku St
  • The Pink Alley near the Kyushu No. 1 Star
  • Small parking lot in East Taihei Blvd

On the Edge: Kamurocho
Go to the batting center and start the rescue mission by going up to the dangling woman. As soon as you start, you’ll get a 1-and-a-half-minute timer. Immediately go to the street behind the batting center and go to the building’s roof using the stairs. Beat up the thugs and pull the woman up to complete the mission.

Quesy in Kamurocho
Go to the corner of Theater Ave and Taihei Blvd, where you will find a sick woman lying on the ground. She’ll ask for a Tauriner. Buy one from nearby and give it to her to complete the mission.

Shake Up the Shakedown Squad
Find the shakedown squad and beat ‘em up. You can find the squad in one of the three following locations.

  • Theater Alley
  • Theater Ave
  • Sewers

The Flames of Justice
Confront the suspicious guy in E. Taihei Blvd and beat him up to complete the mission.

Wiped Out
Get 1x pocket tissues from a convenience store before proceeding with this mission. Head to the bathroom stall in the Children’s park and interact with the guy inside to give him the tissues to complete the mission

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