Yakuza 6 The Price of Freedom, Life Blooms Anew, Foreign Influence, Deception Walkthrough Guide

Yakuza 6 The Price of Freedom, Life Blooms Anew, Foreign Influence, Deception Walkthrough Guide to help you complete the first four Main Mission in the game.

Yakuza 6 features one of the most gripping stories that we have ever played. Although the story is based mostly on cutscenes, there are quite a lot of action-filled sequences where you will have to use the will and power of Kiryu, Dragon of Dojima to defeat large groups of triad Thugs.

Yakuza 6 The Price of Freedom, Life Blooms Anew, Foreign Influence, Deception Walkthrough

Here at SegmentNext, we have a complete walkthrough of Yakuza 6 so that you can easily get help, tips, and tricks about how you can complete the main story of Yakuza 6 and conclude the story of Kiryu.

Below you will find the first four chapters of the main story campaign. For more story chapter walkthroughs, check out our detailed guides published on the site.

Chapter #1 – The Price of Freedom

Start the game and watch the initial cutscene. When the cutscene ends and you are in control, move around and speak with different kids around. Some are inside the house while some are outside the house.

Speak will all of them. Next, use your phone to call Akiyama and you will set to search Kamurocho for him.

When you arrive in Kamurocho, meet up with your friend and you will get to know about the current state of the town. Your next destination is New Serena. Once there, use the back alley to reach the stairs and climb up to Sky Finance.

Examine the door and head back down. Go around to the front of New Serena and climb the stairs. Speak with Mama and ask her about Akiyama and Haruka.

Once the conversation ends, find the bonus equipment if you have played the previous titles and collect them from here. Leave the building once you are done. You have to reach E.Millenium Tower St. now.

Follow the path and you will be able to get there. When you reach Tenkaichi Alley, you will have to fight some thugs. This fight serves as a tutorial for the Combat System of Yakuza 6.

You will also get to know about the EXP system and how to distribute these points among your many abilities and skills. Reach Bantam and speak with the bartender. Ask him about Akiyama and Haruka and he will tell you to visit Little Asia.

Once you enter Little Asia, watch the cutscene that starts. At the end of the cutscene, you will have to fight some more triad thugs. Beat them up and continue with the story.

Head back to Sky Finance in New Serena and head to the triad thug blocking the way. Force your wat through to the back alley and confront the remaining traid thugs there. Defeat all thugs and untie the hostage.

He will tell you to head to Children Park and look for some hobos. After this sequence, free roam is unlocked and you can freely explore the world for some extra money and missions.

Once you are done with the exploration, head to Children’s Park and find the homeless man there. He will ask you a small favor which you can complete by purchasing the item from the nearby convenience store. Get the info you need from the hobo and enter the sewers.

Inside the sewers, keep following the path until you reach Akiyama. A cutscene will start and once it ends, you will have to beat up some more Triad goons.

Once the fight is over, head back up and Akiyama will follow you. Head to the hospital by calling a cab. When you reach the hospital, watch the cutscene and your chapter will conclude.

Chapter #2 – Life Blooms Anew

The second chapter continues after the cutscene and you will be at the location where Haruka’s accident happened. Examine the road marks to get the next objective. When you get notified about the spy, head to the Spy’s location and chase after him.

When you do, a cutscene will start. Once it ends, you will have some time for yourself. Explore the area and complete some extra activities.

When you are ready to go, call a cab and arrive at Tojo Clan HQ. Watch the cutscene that starts as you arrive. After the cutscene, go back to New Serena and get some updates from Mama who will also install an App on your phone at this point.

Go back to the streets and some thugs will stop you. Beat them up and a cutscene will begin. Watch the cutscene and after it ends, head to the new mission marker near Tenkaichi St and Taihei Blvd.

Meeting with Torafuru is yet another cutscene. Watch it and when it ends, you will have another App on your phone by the name of Troublr. You can now take part in Troublr Missions.

Continue roaming the streets and soon you will get a call to get to the hospital. Watch the cutscene and you will have to fight Akiyama. Finish the fight and after some more cutscenes, the chapter will conclude.

Chapter #3 – Foreign Influence

When you start the chapter in Onimichi, Hiroshima, you will have baby Haruto with you. You cannot do much with him so we recommend that you continue with main story progression.

Follow the mission markers and you will end up in the back alleys leading up to Snack Kiyomi. Interact with the woman watering the flowers and a cutscene will start. When the cutscene ends, you will be up against the local Yakuza captain Nagumo.

This can be called a boss fight because he is a tough one. Use your environment to you advantage. You will find many objects that can be used against Nagumo. Watch out when his health becomes low as he will release his aura and he will be able to absorb more damage while dealing more as well.

Finish the fight and you can move on with the story. At this point, you can freely explore the world and do some extra missions.

Once you are content with the exploration, head back to the bar and get baby Haruto. When you are leaving the bar, Ino will come up to you and will lead you to Navy Apartments where you will stay for the night. There you can complete some activities like changing Haruto’s diaper and playing with him.

You will have to go out again for getting some milk. Finding the milk will take you for a ride, as you will have to ask around for it. You will eventually come to a pharmacy, which will be closed.

Your only choice now is head back to the bar and call Ino to ask about the milk. After the call, you will have to get to the barbershop. Follow the marker and you will arrive at the shop. Watch the cutscene, take care of the drunkard and take the milk for Haruto.

Once you are back at the apartment, Kiyomi will drop by to help with the baby. When you wake up, head back to Kiyomi’s bar. You can take part in different activities on your way there.

You will also come face to face with Nagumo and his gang but this time there will be no fight. At Snack Kiyomi, you will be asked to take part in Ino’s baseball match as a fill-in player.

Watch the cutscenes and you will end up facing Nagumo’s gang once again. This time, you will have to beat them up. Once the fight is over, it will too late so you will have to head back to the bar. After the meet up, go outside and ask the civilians to follow Nagumo.

When you arrive at the pawnshop, Ino will come and tell you about where Nagumo was taken. Head to the quest marker to encounter Torafuru again and start Troublr missions in Onimichi. Complete the mission and head to Senkoji.

There you will watch some cutscenes and once they are over, you will have to fight Masuzoe and his goons. The goons are easy to beat but Masuzoe will make it difficult. You will find some useful items around to help you complete the mission. Once the fight is over, the chapter will conclude.

Chapter #4 – Deception

Once the cutscene ends, head back to Moreno. Keep following the mission markers and you will end up in another fight at the bar. This time you will have plenty of items to use in the battle. Use them to make short work of the enemies. Once the fight is over, you will have some free time to explore the town at will and complete some extra activities.

When you are done with the exploration, you can head back to the bar and pick up Haruto. Head to the navy Apartments to complete the day. In the morning, head to Hirose Family Office and meet with the family head.

When you leave the office, Kiyomi will arrive and will lead you to the Ryunan Shrine. At the shrine, she will look after Haruto while you will get some extra time to roam around the town and complete some extra activities.

When you are ready to continue the story, head to Moreno and watch the cutscene. Defeat Yuta and Tagashira when the battle starts. You will have to rely heavily on items around you to defeat them both. When they reach half health marker, Tagashira will pounce on you so be ready for a QTE sequence.

Once the battle is over, eat to regain your health, stock up on drinks and head to Hirose Family Office. Here another fight will break out.

Defeat all the goons and Masuzoe once again and watch the following cutscenes. Return to your apartment to find Haruto and Kiyomi. You can also explore the world some more before reaching your apartment. The chapter will end when you see the cutscene upon reaching the apartment.

This concludes our Yakuza 6 The Price of Freedom, Life Blooms Anew, Foreign Influence, Deception Walkthrough. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below!

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