Yakuza 6 Fast Leveling Guide

Our Yakuza 6 Leveling Guide is for ways you can employ to increase your EXP for each attribute for the character. This Yakuza 6 Guide help progress faster.

Our Yakuza 6 Leveling Guide is for ways you can employ to increase your EXP for each attribute for the character. This Yakuza 6 Guide will help you progress faster in the game when you boost your character’s stats and skills.

Yakuza 6 Fast Leveling

When it comes to progression in Yakuza 6, you need to find out ways to do it efficiently and requiring as less of a grind as possible. A quick way to make sure you’re getting a good grip on the game is to earn EXP.

The EXP you earn will help you level up your skills in each attribute of the character. This will, in turn, boost your HP and ATK stats. The abilities, as in most RPGs, are STR, AGL, SPR, and TECH.

Of course, you can farm EXP through virtually everything you carry out in the game. These include side activities like eating snacks, playing baseball to completing story and side missions.

A quicker way to approach this aspect though would lie in some of the tips below. A side note, after maxing out all stats at 200 points each you will gain access to Limit Break which will allow you to allot EXP and increase the character’s stats further up to 300 points.

Story and Side Missions

As stated above, the primary source of earning EXP is through going over the various story mode challenges in the game.

Since this would be the main priority for many gamers out there, the huge amount of XP you earn through these modes is unmissable.

Veering off the main path a little, you can take part in a range of substories and activities which provide EXP spread across the five categories mentioned above.

You can check out more on Yakuza 6 Substories in our detailed guide.

Explore the World

When you explore the Yakuza world more and more, you will see that there are various games and activities that reward good XP and rewards.

Besides, the exploration also leads to various encounters which either lead to some side missions or to one-on-one fights against enemies that reward XP if you are victorious.

Fight when you Can

You can always find some thugs on the street which need a good beating. Engage in a battle, which if you are victorious in; you will earn EXP for STR, AGL, and SPT categories.

Then there is the more elite class of thug fights called ‘Clan Wars’. Though tougher, the rewards are also higher. You face Clan Leaders and bosses of JUSTIS and if you are successful then you are going home with a lot of EXP.

Furthermore, fights will decrease your Hunger Meter which is an opportunity to gain more XP because you earn them by feeding or dining which brings us to the next tip.

Eat, Drink, and Dine

This remains the best and most effective way of farming EXP. You can head to any restaurant and grab yourself a nice meal. Each meal will have a certain EXP associated with it.

Earn more XP for specific combinations of consumables at the same time as well. Additionally, you can head to the gym, RIZAP, which gives you a diet plan of its own.

Although these meals are expensive, consuming them will earn you a huge amount of EXP. We recommend prioritizing on activities like fighting, sports, etc. so you require the meal more often and so in turn gain EXP.

The food you consume is also often stat-related. For example, eating a lot from Sushi Gin will increase your Technique stats. Moreover, there are also skills that further increase the amount of XP you receive for eating foods, so be sure to acquire these.

Check your Mobile Phone

Your cell phone is key to earning a lot of EXP hidden in a lot of challenges riddle around in the world of Yakuza 6. Your mobile will display a number of awards which you can complete to earn points.

These include mini-challenges like sprinting ‘X’ kilometers, having a meal ‘X’ number of times, etc. Later on, you will receive an app on your phone titled ‘Troublr’. This also includes mini-tasks which involve helping people around in the town.

Be sure to check out our Trouble Missions Guide to learn more about them.

Side Activities

The game has a lot of content other than story and substories which you can take part in. These include playing baseball, gym, darts, and even live chat just to name a few. You can find some details on these on our Substories Guide as well.

The RIZAP Gym will help you perform exercises spread over six categories each coming with their own EXP. Moreover, you can also carry out the Heat Missions that though maybe short, but they offer a nice reward for completing them.

Spend XP on Useful Skills & Stats

You can spend the EXP on a whole different variety of skills and stats. Your base stats can be boosted and health gauge is increased indefinitely. ATK, DEF, and EVA (dodging) stats are also increased.

Moreover, your Heat Skills (super-charged moves) gauge also receive a boost so you can perform more combos and deal more damage in battles.

The gauge fills and you are prompted to press the ‘Triangle’ button to unleash these special heat moves. Heat skills have their own category under which you can boost skills like Essence of Wall Crush and Essence of Tiger Crash for absurd but powerful moves to be used in combat.

There also other tabs on the menu labelled ‘Other Skills’ which include other relevant stats including boosting up conversational skills, chances of success with flirting and getting better at baseball.

However, the game itself advices that you should be looking to upgrade the base stats first. This is because increasing the base stats increase overall power while buying additional skills only adds more ways of utilizing the same power you have.

Limit Break Your Stats

There is yet another phenomenon involved in the stats that is called as “Limit Breaking”.

Limit Breaking is the concept that initially, the limit of all of your stats is set to 100. Once you have 100 points in each of the five categories of stats, the limit increases to 200.

Next you should be looking to increase all your stats to 200, so that you can have the stats limit increase to 300.

You must understand the phenomenon and do not lack in any of the stats if you want to increase your stats way above traditional limits.

Change Day Time If Required

There are some side missions that are only available during day or night. As such missions are always rewarding good XP, you should not miss them only because you can’t wait.

So instead, go to the New Serena bar and you will see a blue arrow on the mini-map. Get to the marker and select how long you want to rest. This is quickly change the time of the day and you can get back to do the mission easily.

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