Yakuza 6 Disappearance, Blood Law, Father And Son, The Sleeping Giant, The Unforgiven Walkthrough Guide

Yakuza 6 Disappearance, Blood Law, Father And Son, The Sleeping Giant, The Unforgiven Walkthrough Guide to help you learn everything you need to know about completing the aforementioned Main Missions.

Yakuza 6 Disappearance, Blood Law, Father And Son, The Sleeping Giant, The Unforgiven Walkthrough Guide to help you learn everything you need to know about completing the aforementioned Main Missions.

Yakuza 6 features one of the most gripping stories that we have ever played. Although the story is based mostly on cutscenes, there are quite a lot of action-filled sequences where you will have to use the will and power of Kiryu, Dragon of Dojima to defeat large groups of Triad Thugs.

Yakuza 6 Disappearance, Blood Law, Father And Son, The Sleeping Giant, The Unforgiven Walkthrough

Here at SegmentNext, we have a complete walkthrough of Yakuza 6 so that you can easily get help, tips and tricks about how you can complete the main story of Yakuza 6 and conclude the story of Kiryu. Below you will find the concluding chapters of the main story campaign. For more story chapter walkthroughs, check out our detailed guides published on the site.

Chapter #9 – Disappearance

In this chapter, you need to go back to New Serena. Once there, you will be free to explore the world and complete any left outside quests and activities that you might want to do. After this point, you will go to Onimichi and cannot come back to this area so be sure to complete all extra stuff before heading to Onimichi.

When you arrive in Onimichi, walk along the street and you will encounter some Yakuza family thugs. Defeat all enemies and continue ahead. You will encounter some reinforcements ahead so make quick work of them as well. Once they are down, walk down the street to encounter some more enemies who will come in two cars. Eliminate them and head to the next street to defeat the last of the enemies in this area.

Once you are done with the enemies, head to Moreno and meet with Matsunaga and Tagashira. After the cutscene ends, speak will all clan members inside to know about the whereabouts of the patriarch. If you want, you can also explore the area around for some extra activities and quests. To advance the story, speak with clan members and check other possible locations to know more about the whereabouts of the Patriarch.

Head to Hirose Family house and try to get in. The main door will be locked so you will have to climb in via Hirose-san’s room’s window. Use the nearby ladder to get up and get in to inspect the matches lying on the table. Head downstairs, open the door and you will see some thugs waiting to fight you. Fight with them and once they are down, head to Snack Hourglass. Find the old lady owner and speak with her. Now you need to head to Ryunan Shrine where Hirose is waiting for you.

On your way to the shrine, you will be stopped by Koshimizu. Time to take him out. This time he will come equipped with a dagger. You can look for different objects around you and use them as weapons. If you want to use heat attacks against him, the best way is to wait until he is attacking you to dodge and counter attack him. Use dodge and evade plenty of times during this battle.

When he is about to go down, be careful as to avoid his dagger attacks, which he will be frequently using during this phase of the battle. A QTE sequence will initiate every time he is about to attack you with his dagger. Make sure that you perform it accordingly to the screen commands otherwise; he will deal some serious damage to you. Once he is down, a cutscene will start. Watch it until the end and the chapter will conclude.

Chapter #10 – Blood Law

As soon as the chapter starts, go out and you will encounter a large group of thugs dressed in black clothes looking like ninjas. Sadly, they are not here to celebrate your return but to fight you. You will have to take out all of them. They are not too difficult to defeat but their sheer numbers make the fight hard. Once the enemies are down, you need to fight Joon-gi Han himself.

The leader of the Jingweon Mafia is not really a tough cookie to break. After the previous fight, this will appear much easier to you. There are a lot of objects around you that you can use to your advantage. Defeat the Jingweon Mafia boss and head to Hirose Family Office to check on Haruto. You will come to know that the little boy has been kidnapped. Your next destination is the docks. Hurry there to meet the rest of your team and plan your next move.

You need to rescue Haruto so after the cutscene, head to next mission marker. Here a large group of Korean mafia thugs will ambush you. You will have some backup with the Hiroses so this fight will not be much of a challenge. Defeat the enemies and continue to destroy the barricade. Once the path is clear, push on. Keep following the path and you will come across some more enemies. Make short work of them.

This time the enemies will also throw some explosive barrels on you. Watch out for them and try not to hit anyone as they will explode dealing massive amounts of damage. You can use them against the Korean Mafia thugs for your advantage. When you receive the call from Joon-gi Han, you have to go to him alone to confront him and rescue Haruto. Keep following the path defeating enemies until you reach Joon-gi Han.

Watch the cutscene and get ready for the boss battle. This will be the final boss battle with Joon-gi Han. In this battle, the boss has rage mode on from a very early part of the fight so be ready to evade and dodge much of his attacks. Use objects around you to deal some extra damage. Defeat him to save Haruto and complete the chapter.

Chapter #11 – Father and Son

Once the chapter starts, head back to Navy Apartments for some free time and world exploration. Spend the night there and in the morning, head to Hirose Family Office, speak with your team and set to Kamurocho. Your next destination is New Serena. Find Date and talk with him. When Yuta leaves for Little Asia on his own, follow him there.

On your way, you will come to know that the Mafia HQ is on fire and people are running away from the district. Reach the back square to encounter a large number of enemies. Aim for the heavier ones first and then go for the light ones. Use splash damage attacks to damage multiple enemies with a single attack. These attacks come very handily in this fight.

Once you have defeated all the enemies, head inside the HQ to find Yuta. Here even more enemies will attack you. Take all of them out and destroy the barricade blocking the path. On the next floor, you will have to deal with some more enemies. Be careful as some of the enemies here have guns as well.

Once the thugs are defeated, continue up the path to encounter Ed. Ed has a strong charge attack that you must avoid in order to avoid being damaged. Use the nearby chairs for some extra damage. Once Ed is down, use the stairs to go up and find Yuta. After he refuses to come out of the burning building, you need to beat some sense in Yuta.

Yuta is fast and deals a decent amount of damage to watch out for his light and quick attacks. Use dodge and blocking often to keep him at bay. There are not many objects around to help you this time so you will have to depend on your fists for this fight. Take him down to trigger the chapter closing cutscene.

Chapter #12 – The Sleeping Giant

Watch the cutscene and start the chapter by talking with Big Lo at the top of New Serena. Get the key from him, which is actually a memory card. After the cutscene, go to the ground floor an find the rest of your team. Interact with them to devise a plan and then head out. Use a cab to arrive at Onomichi.

When you arrive at Onomichi, you will be greeted by a large group of mafia thugs. Defeat them to initiate a QTE sequence in which a man tries to run you over with a truck. Press the button quickly to avoid the truck or else you will be dead. Deal with any leftover enemies and head over to Hirose Family Office. Once there, speak with your team and inform them of the current situation. Nagumo will challenge you to a fight.

This fight is similar to older fights with Nagumo so nothing is new here except that his attacks will deal a bit of more damage to you. Use dodge to avoid getting hit. After the fight, the Yomei Alliance will attack you. Luck for you, this time some Hirose goons will be there to help you out. Take out the enemies with their help. Once you have dealt with the enemies, your next target is to decipher the code from Big Lo.

To decipher the code, you need to find and interact with 9 stones all over Onomichi. The first stone is found in W National Route 2. The second stone is found at Ropeway Station. The third stone is found in the northern part of the city, on a junction between Second Hill and Hilltop Path. The fourth stone is in Senkoji, next to an elderly person.

The fifth stone is at Observation Deck (Senkoji). The sixth stone is at Ryunan Shrine. The seventh stone is at Ryunan Shrine Stairway. The eighth stone is at Cemetery Lane. The ninth stone is at W Shishido St, right next to a restaurant. Once you have located and interacted with all nine stones, head back to Hirose Family Office.

After the cutscene, you need to head to a cemetery where the clues are leading. When you get the scroll, head to the pier, find the boat then enter it. When you reach the location, get off the boat to a large number of enemies. The next few areas will be full of enemies so just keep following the path, eliminating enemies along the way with the help of Hirose Family members.

Once you arrive at the wall, pick up a hammer and destroy it to continue forwards. In the underground area, deal with the enemies and you will come across Hamano. Nagumo will deal with him while you must continue on the path ahead. Defeat all the enemies up ahead and you will eventually come up to Hirose himself.

Time for a boss battle. Hirose hits hard and quick. He has a knife as well and during the fight, he will break a pipe and the room will fill with smoke making it much harder to look around. He also has a charge attack. Using the roundhouse kick is very effective against him so you should use this quite often against him.

Once the boss is down, watch the cutscene to conclude the chapter. We are left with the final chapter of the game.

Chapter #13 – The Unforgiven (Finale)

At the start of the chapter, you will receive a phone call from Someya. He will call you to the docks. Head there to meet him and find out what he has to say to you. After meeting him, return to the Hirose Family Office and talk with your team members. Soon after, a large group of Yomei Alliance will converge on your location and you must fight them.

This fight will be long and tedious as the number of enemies is very high. Use the objects around you as much as possible. Land heat attacks and special attacks to knock down enemies as quickly as possible. Once the fight is over, you can travel to the Naval Apartments to change the time of the day at will. To continue with the story, you need to travel to Kamurocho.

Once there, head to the Police Hospital to check on Haruto. There once you have checked on Haruto, head to New Serena afterward. You need to go there well prepared as you need to take care of a lot of enemies up ahead. Head inside to meet your friends and watch the cutscene. Once it ends, head to the Top Floor. A large group of enemies is waiting for you there. Some of the enemies in this group are named so they will be tough to defeat. Once the team splits up, head to the next floor to encounter even more enemies. Some of the enemies here will be equipped with grenade launchers so you need to be extra careful.

When Yuta is seriously injured, you will need to defeat the one responsible for injuring him. At this point, Matsubara and Akiyama will take Yuta to the hospital and you will be left alone. Continue to the top of the building where a helicopter will appear to attack you. You will also find some mafia goons here so take care of them first.

Use the rocket launcher to take out the helicopter. As for the mafia goons, you can use the chairs spread around in the area to quickly knock them out. There are plenty of pillars in the area that will help you evade the helicopter fire. Once the area is clear, continue on the path to find Someya who is waiting for you at the top of the building.

He will be using a katana for this fight so you will have to be quick on your feet to dodge his attacks. There are some chairs right next to the bar. Use them against Someya and he will go down easily. Watch the cutscene, which follows this fight with Someya. Once done, return to the team and speak with Nagumo to start the final battle to conclude the epic story.

For the final sequences, you need to fight three bosses back to back so we recommend that you go well prepared and stock up on all required items. Your first battle is with Kanji Koshimizu who will be surrounded by his goons. Nagumo will be helping you out in this fight but he will eventually be beaten up and out of the battle.

For the one on one part of the battle, focus on avoiding the attacks as much as possible. Avoid the knife attacks at all costs. There are no objects around you so your fists are your best friends here. Once the fight is finished, Kanji will be defeated. Watch the cutscene and get ready to face the next boss Tsuneo Iwami. This is yet another tough boss battle. He is not only fast but also deals a lot of damage.

He also has powerful grappling attacks. Use dodge to avoid his attacks and then counter attack for maximum damage. Once he is down, the credits will roll down and you will be done with the main story of the game. Save your game and you are now free to roam the cities and complete any side activities and quests that you would like to do.

This concludes our Yakuza 6 Disappearance, Blood law, Father and Son, The Sleeping Giant, The Unforgiven Walkthrough. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below!

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