Yakuza 6 Combat Guide – Combat Tips And Tricks, Skills, Stats

We have curated this Yakuza 6 Combat Guide in which we have detailed some combat tips and tricks which will help you win the numerous combat scenarios that you will come across in Yakuza 6.

We have curated this Yakuza 6 Combat Guide in which we have detailed some combat tips and tricks which will help you win the numerous combat scenarios that you will come across in Yakuza 6. Whether you are on the main mission, a side mission, or just a random encounter on the street; you will have to beat up some bad guys.

Combat is one of the most mechanics in Yakuza 6. It is by no means easier to understand the Combat System in Yakuza 6. The main reason is that the combat is based around melee combat with occasional items and weapons used in the mix. Guns are extremely rare in combat so you will have to resort to your fists or any items found in the world for surviving.

Hence, it is very important that you become good at combat. Our Yakuza 6 Combat Guide will ensure that you always have the upper hand during combat.

Yakuza 6 Combat

Below you will find some tips and tricks along with some guides on different important mechanics that you need to keep in mind when it comes to combat in Yakuza 6. With the help of our Yakuza 6 Combat Guide, you will be beating up triad members in no time.

Unlock new Skills and Abilities

The most important when it comes to combat is that you must unlock new skills, stats, and abilities from the stats screen. When you earn EXP in the game, you can unlock new Skills and Abilities with these EXP.

You can earn these EXP from different things such as completing main missions, achieving random targets such as eating food or walking a certain mile or from random activities spread around the world.

When you open the stats screen, you will see that this EXP are further divided into five categories. These categories include Strength, Spirit, Technique, Agility, and Charm.

Once you invest the points in any of these categories, you unlock their respective stat bonuses and additional skills and abilities to use in combat. Apart from these basic stats, there also four categories of specialized stats where you can invest these EXP as well.

These include Battle Skills, Heat Actions, and Other Skills. These specialize in a certain field and give you additional skills and abilities of those specific fields only. The basic stat tree includes stats such as your Health, Defense, Evasion, Heat Gauge, etc. They are generalized and will affect the overall character.

Battle skills are new skills and additional moves that you can perform during combat sequences. They give you more ways to punch your enemies. Heat Actions, on the other hand, require heat gauge and will cost some of the heat stored in them. They are also only used during the heat gauge sequences.

Although you are free to invest wherever you like, we recommend that you invest in your basic stats, boost EXP gain stat, battle skills and heat actions in this sequence. Keep heat actions in the last because they are good and effective but they require heat gauge making them a late fight thing.

Increasing your base stats and other stats will help you fight better in the initial stages of combat allowing you to build up the heat gauge quickly.

Combat Tips and Tricks

The combat is Yakuza 6 could be short or it could be longer depending on your playstyle. We recommend that you try to complete these fighting sequences as quickly as possible because you will get the same reward whether you extend the fights or not. Therefore, it is better to just complete them as quickly as possible and move on to next activities.

Since Yakuza 6 focuses on melee combat, it means one thing, combos. Learn as many fighting combos as possible. Mix and match attacks to create as many unique combos as possible.

Using combos will make it easier for you to take out the enemies. As you progress in the game, you will unlock more combos so always use them to make the fights easier for yourself.

The combat sequences mostly take place with plenty of random items around you. In addition, you will be heavily outnumbered during the combat phases. It is best to look for alternate options to quickly thin down the enemy numbers.

Look for items around you that you can use as weapons or items where you can perform special takedowns such as near cars or bikes, which can be used for instant takedowns.

Sometimes enemies will come in the hand holding weapons including guns. They should be your priority especially the ones holding guns. They will deal quite a great deal of damage to you if they hit you.

Make them your priority during battles and take them out as quickly as possible. If you are damaged during a fight, use meds or food to replenish your health. Make sure you are always well stocked on these items.

Use dodge and block during the fights. Although true that you can land some serious punches on your enemies but sometimes, you will have to dodge and block your way out of trouble. Since enemies will come in greater numbers, you will have to be quick and avoid being surrounded in tight spots.

If you are surrounded by a large number of enemies, use evade and dodge to escape and look for quick takedown opportunities to thin the enemies down.

Your heat gauge is your best friend during combat. Build it up with attacks and then use special heated attacks to take down enemies. They deal extra damage and are super effective against boss battles when you need to focus your attack on a single enemy. It does not take long to build up your heat gauge so you can use it often to finish the fights quickly.

This concludes our Yakuza 6 Combat Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below!

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