New Yacht Club Published Game Will Be Coming At PAX East In 2019

Everyone knows Yacht Club as the creator of the critically acclaimed platforming game Shovel Knight. Now the studio has another game coming, but instead of developing it, this game will be a Yacht Club published game, and will be debuting at PAX East this year. So far, there’s no title.

All we do know of the Yacht Club published game is a piece of concept or tag art that shows an armored figure armed with a sword staring out over a ruined cityscape as lightning flashes in the distance. Exactly what the game will be will likely be kept under wraps until PAX East.

From what we can tell from the art, the game appears to be a 16-bit action game set in the post-apocalypse, though without any specific title or trailer there’s no telling if that’s correct or not. We also don’t know the name of the studio that’s developing the game, so we know essentially nothing about the title or what to expect from a developer’s reputation.

While a Yacht Club published game is going to be at PAX East, that doesn’t mean that Yacht Club has stopped developing games. Two new Shovel Knight games, called Shovel Knight: King of Cards and Shovel Knight: Showdown, will also be shown off at PAX East.

Shovel Knight: King of Cards will be another game focusing on the Order of No Quarter, focusing on King Knight rather than Plague Knight or Specter Knight as he goes on his own journey. Shovel Knight: Showdown on the other hand is a fighting game, where four players can play as their favorite heroic or villainous knights and fight one another in intense combat.

You’ll be able to see all of these new games and campaigns, along with a wide variety of other non-Yacht Club titles, when PAX East rolls around. PAX East will be starting on March 28 and will end March 31.

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