Xenoblade Chronicles X Gwin Guide

Gwin Evans is among the eight playable characters in the Xenoblade Chronicles X. He is a member of the BLADE organization, working as an Interceptor. Gwin joined BLADE to protect Irina and honor the death of his friend Leon.

The following guide will cover everything you need to know about Gwin, including his location, stats, heart-to-hearts, Affinity Links, and costumes. We will also discuss his build and use.

Gwin Location in Xenoblade Chronicles X

Gwin can be added to your Party as a playable character and can be recruited to the team once you complete Chapter 3 of the playthrough.

When Gwen is not added to your Party, he will appear as NPC in the game. You can find him in the Administrative District of New Los Angles, where he will be standing on Division Drive.

Gwin Stats

During the game, you will engage Gwin in battle twice in the Affinity Mission called Boot Camp. These will be simulation battles where Gwin will be encountered in a Boss Battle.

Level 40 (First Battle) 46 (Second Battle)
Experience (EXP) 206
Health Points (HP) 51,113
Ranged Attack 602
Ranged Accuracy 219
Melee Attack 574
Melee Accuracy 224
Evasion 140
Ground Detection
Skell Detection
Potential 574

How to Use Gwin

Gwin belongs to the Samurai Gunner class and is a dual wielder of a Long Sword and Assault Rifle. The two signature Arts for each of his weapons are Grenade Blitz (Assault Rifle) and Ultra Slash (Long sword).

Skills Arts Class Rank
Rising Blade Furious Blast 1
Power Dive 2
Defensive Stance 3
Magnum Edge 4
Ultra Slash (Unique) 5
Burst Grenade 6
Unwavering Courage Offensive Stance 7
Decoy Round 8
Flame Trigger Tornado Blade 9
Medic Free 10
Mighty Muscle Flash Grenade 11
Incendiary Edge 12
Auto Melee Boost Grenade Blitz (Unique) 13
Gunforce Rank 14 14
Healing Aura Takedown Shot 15
Weapon Guard 16
Theroid Slayer 17
Conflagrant Edge 18

Considering Gwin’s Skillset, the obvious choice is to have a Thermal build for him. So, you should consider the following setup:

  • Furious Blast as all Rifle users must equip this.
  • Power Dive as getting green increases the overdrive duration, and all Rifle users acquire better greens.
  • Tornado Blade
  • Have either Gun Force, Medic Free, or Defensive Stance as his Aura.
  • Takedown Shot as this will make him more effective when facing Theroids and Mech opponents.
  • Magnum Edge boosts Gwin’s Burst Grenade.
  • Flash Grenade as Gwin is one of the only characters who Spam this Art and fully uses it.
  • Grenade Blitz: a decent Art but has slower animation.

The weapons to consider for Gwin should be the Thermal Assault Rifle and the Six Stars Thermal Sword.

Overall, Gwin isn’t very effective in combat; however, this build will help you get the best out of him.

Gwin Heart to Hearts

In Xenoblade Chronicles X, Hearts-to-Hearts are a great way to increase Affinity between playable characters through certain interactions. The following are Gwin’s Heart-to-Hearts in the game.

Name Location Time Affinity Level Requirement
Conquering Fear Hanger Afternoon 1 None
Promises Made Sports Complex Late Night 2 None
Dreamweavers Water Purification Plant Late Night 3 None
Canine Conversation Sports Complex Anytime 4 Dog
The Matchmaker West Melville St. Evening 5 None

Affinity Links

Gwin can have Affinity Links with the following Characters:

  • Irina
  • Mathias
  • Cross
  • Elma


In Xenoblade Chronicles X, you can change every character’s appearance with each armor piece in the game. Every piece in the game has two designs for male and female characters.

There’s even a secondary Fashion set of armor that only changes the visual appearance of the characters and does not affect their stats.

You can make endless costumes for Gwin using the items available to you. Some of the items include:

  • College Blazer
  • Dark Suit
  • School Blazer
  • Veteran’s Uniform
  • Ruthless Uniform
  • Distinguished Uniform
  • Forerunner’s Uniform
  • Warhorse’s Uniform
  • Philosopher’s Uniform
  • Supreme Uniform
  • Transcendent Uniform

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