Xenoblade Chronicles X Augments Guide

In Xenoblade Chronicles, X, Augments enhance any performance character of your chosen gear. Augment functionality is very similar to the gems. Augments come in many types like Weapon Augments, Armor Augments, and Skell Weapon Augments.

Read this guide to learn about How to Get Augments, How to Equip Augments, and Best Augments in Xenoblade Chronicles, X.

How to Get Augments in Xenoblade Chronicles X

In Xenoblade Chronicles X, there are two ways that you can get your hands on the Augments. The first way you can obtain Augment is by collecting as a reward by doing missions in the game. You can also find Augments from the Treasure Boxes in the game.

The Second way you can get Augment in Xenoblade Chronicles X is by crafting through the AM Terminal. You can find AM Terminal in the Administrative District. The raw material needed to craft Augments in AM Terminals is Precious Resources and items collected from the enemies.

How to Equip Augments

The Augments can be equipped on any piece of the gear that you have in inventory. Just go to the gear menu and select the equipment that you want to equip with Augment. Select “Set Augment” from the drop-down menu and press X on the controller to equip the Augment on the gear.

Suppose you want to remove the Augment from any gear for some reason. Go to the “Set Augment” from the drop-down menu and press Y to remove the Augment from the gear.

Best Augments in Xenoblade Chronicles X

If you are looking for the best Weapon Augment in Xenoblade Chronicles X., Your best bet is to go for “Ranged Attack Up.” Most of the time, you will compete with the AI Skell Weapons in the battles, and these weapons are also Ranged. So, if you boost your ranged attack with the help of Augments, you will easily fight with all the AI attacks.

The next most used augments are Armor Augments. The best Armor Augments are “Potential Up” and “TP Boost.” All the TP arts induce most of the damage to the enemy. And the TP arts runoff from the Potential. So, your priority is going to be Potential in Armor Augment. Then focus on TP Augment.

Moving on to the Skells Augments. The Best Skells Augment is going to be Fuel Consumption Augments. With the help of this augment, you will have to refuel your augment less frequently, and last more time in the battleground.

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