Xenoblade Chronicles X Boss Battle Guide

Xenoblade Chronicles X is huge, and your adventure won’t be over without facing off against every ruthless Boss. That’s why we prepared this Xenoblade Chronicles Boss Battle guide.

They will challenge your status, and if you dare to fight them without preparation (suitable character level), you may spend hours trying to defeat them.

Xenoblade Chronicles X Boss Battle

To save you the trouble, we have some useful information that can help you to defeat the bosses in the game.

Metal Face

Metal Face is a level 10 boss you will face in the very first section of the game. The fight can be divided into two parts. This Boss can take damage from Monado or the weapons made from Monado, but he can become immune to Monado when he is toppled.

The first section won’t trouble you much, and when you get hold of the character after the cutscene, you will find that the Tension bar is at max.

You should try to fill the party member gauge (you will land the critical hits often due to the max tension bar) and get some bonus effects through the Arts. Try to use chain attacks to inflict break and then the topple to get rid of this Boss.

Arachno Queen

Shulk will learn Shield, a Mondo art, at the beginning of the fight. You should use it against Queen’s Talent art (Arachno Crush 1). Deal with the weaker Arachnos first and then turn towards the queen.

To deal with the Queen’s Talent art, the best thing to use is Shield. Remember that these weaker enemies in the battle can inflict Topple, and Slow and Shulk’s Shield will be of no use against Boss’s non-talent arts. Fight the Minion Arachno fight and then go towards fighting the Arachno queen.

Mechon M71

In the first section of the fight, Shulk will learn Speed as a Monado art. The Mechon tentacles will use fire shots which can inflict blaze damage. Mechon tentacles cannot respawn, so finishing him at the beginning will save the trouble later in the fight.

Deal with them first before turning your attention towards the Boss itself. After you have wasted 50% of Boss’s HP, the first part of the fight will end. Head towards the top of the spiral valley to start the next round.

Mechon will get tougher and come back with more Arts at its disposal. Watch out for its Ripple Laser 1 talent art that deals damage in a conical area in front of it.

Mysterious Face

There isn’t much to discuss this, Boss. You can inflict 1 damage like the metal face using the physical attacks (unless the Boss is toppled). After the wild crash attack, the fight will be over.

Like Metal Face, Mysterious Face can take damage from Monado, but like him, Metal Face will also become immune to the attacks of Monado when he is Toppled.


He will summon minions (level 21 Mechons, M55, and M67). You will have to reduce 25% of the total HP to bring him down. You need to use chain attacks to inflict a break on him.

After the Topple/Daze effect, you should direct your party members to attack the Boss. You will have to be sharp and quick as if Xord stays on the battlefield longer; you ask for more trouble.

Like Metal Face, Xord can take damage from the Monado, but like him, Xord will also become immune to the attacks of Monado when he is Toppled. In your second encounter with Xord, the fight will be relatively easier as he won’t have the protection against the Monado, so you can use the Arts against him.

Satorl Guardian

The level 28 boss is immune to Topple/Daze combo. For the poison effect, you should watch out for its talented art, Ultra Poison Stab III. He can do Tornado Spin, in which he can do damage and blow down in surrounding areas.

Puera Telethia

Alvis will be accompanying Shulk (party leader) in this fight. Shulk will learn a Monado art, the Purge. You should use it to remove a single Puera Telethia’s Soul Read before you go for any attacking move.

Alvis can encourage Shulk to fill his Talent gauge (so you should wait for it when he has no battle soul and Telethia has all the Soul Reads active).

Leone Telethia

Melia’s Mind Blast (learned at the start of the fight) and Shulk’s Purge art will be useful in this fight as the Boss has Super Heal and Super Read (two effective Auras). Make sure to have her talent bar full, as this is required to do the Mind Blast.

It’s a two-part fight; after the first section is over, the characters will have their health restored. Leone will use the Super Aura to conclude the fight.

Solidum Telethia and Tyrea

Both of them will try to squeeze you out of resources. Tyrea can take damage via Monado, so use it as much as possible.

Solidum Telethia, on the other hand, can use Soul Read, so Melia’s Mind Blast and Shulk’s Purge will help you against it. Tyrea recovers from Topple/Daze combo more quickly than usual.


You should watch out for Skyray’s Ether Meteor II attack as it has a large AoE. Try using Shield or Chain Cancel against it. The fight will start with Murmur of Darkness. Sky Ray will use Ether Meteor II when its HP is quite low. Otherwise, it will stick to its normal attacks.

Metal Face (Prison Island)

The Monado II art and the weapons enchanted by it will help you greatly in this fight. This makes Shulk the obvious choice for the fight.

You will have to reduce 80% of the max HP of this Boss to win the fight. Make sure you don’t forget to use Gems on Shulk’s new weapon.

Mumkhar (Valak Mountain)

Shulk will be an effective option in this fight as Mumkhar has protection against physical attacks. Fiery Pain IV is the Talent art (inflicts blaze damage in-line) you should watch out for.

When you face Mumkhar in Sword Valley, you should focus on two Mass-Produced Faces (one at a time) before the Boss itself. The only weapon that will damage Mumkhar is Shulk, so it’s better to have it for the fight.

Face Nemesis

Two guard units will accompany this Face boss. The guards have the Mech Combo Attack that can get lethal for a single target. Face Nemesis has an attack named Mech Combo Attack that will severely damage a single enemy.

Moreover, the defensive guard unit has a high physical defense from the side and behind. Deal with Nemesis first and then come towards the guards to end the fight.

Gold Face and Face Nemesis

Gold Face is immune to Daze, and activating Monado won’t be useful for you in this fight. Try to survive till Gold Face executes the Catastrophe attack to end the battle.

Jade Face

You won’t be able to inflict any damage to this Boss as he would be far from your location. He will use his ranged Laser attack to trouble you. You will only need to reduce his health to 75% to finish the battle.

You can use the barriers along the way as cover against this attack. While you march towards the Boss, you will also have to defeat some enemies. It’s a long hectic battle, but if you have leveled up properly, you will be able to bring him down.

Agniratha (Gadolt)

It’s another two-part fight. Initially, reduce 25% of the Max HP to end the fight. A cutscene will play. After the cutscene, all the characters (including the Boss) will be fully healed.

He will summon 2X level 64 Defensive/SHAME, who will try to execute Lock-ons on you. So you must take them out first before they do their dirty trick.

Agniratha (Egil)

Not an easy boss fight. Agniratha has higher defense (all sides) and quickly recovers from Topple/Daze. It loves to summon minions (Manufacture Drone) and grant them the ability to use Awakening auras and Crazed auras.

Agniratha (Yaldabaoth)

Like many other bosses, HP cannot go below 50%. Using the catastrophe, it will end the fight, so you must hang in there until it happens. It will use the Machinery Field often, which apparently doesn’t damage.

Apocrypha Generator

The Generator has the Great Laser VI at its disposal as a Talent art that will do paralysis and blow down the enemies. It likes to use Shield Barrier, so you must spot the right opportunity to do the damage. Apocrypha Generator can use Laser to do Topple damage.

Yaldabaoth (Mechonis Core)

Apart from summoning the minions regularly, Yaldabaoth will use the Bionis Slash X attack near its death.

You need to destroy the three energy containers as you won’t be able to land any hit till the energy sources are destroyed. You can prevent the Bionis Slash from happening if you destroy the three energy containers within 120 seconds of them appearing.

Sadly, no shield can block the Bionis Slash X attack, so you must bear with it and destroy the energy sources as fast as possible.

Zanza (Mechonis Core)

The Boss is immune to Topple/Daze effect, but that doesn’t matter as Fiora cannot go below 1 HP in this fight. Wear off 20% of Zanza’s HP to end the fight.

Sureny Telethia

You will have to fight off this Boss twice. In the first encounter, it’s immune to Topple/Daze, so you must find other ways to do the damage. Sureny Telethia can do a Killer Dive V attack that will damage and blow down the enemy.

Hang in there until it uses the Burst Animus attack, ending the first fight. It will use Soul Read in the second fight, so Shulk (with his Purge art) will be very useful. Melia’s Mind Blast can also come in handy.

Sani Telethia

I will call it the weather boss as Sani changes its attacks by changing the weather. Cool? Not really if you can’t bring it down.

Anyways, it can use many attacks and when its HP gets low, watch out for Telethia Buster VII (deals damage in-line) attack. The attack of Sani changes according to the weather. She will do Shock Wave and Thunderbolt in clear weather and Splash Wave when it rains.

Disciple 1

The Disciple can summon reinforcements and have a high physical defense. The four Novas have different debuff counters strike. Discipline can do a Big Bang VI attack that will confuse and blow down the enemies.

Try to read the attack pattern to devise a defensive strategy. You need to keep the party members away from the green liquid in the room (keep them in the center of the room).

Demon Pavlovsk

The Demon has a 1200 damage down Spike, meaning you should not try to Topple/Daze it. It’s a level 78 boss; you can expect it to have a relatively high physical defense.

Master Obart

Just like Demon Pavlovsk, the Master Obart has a very high damage down Spike, so you should avoid the Topple/Daze combo addiction. Master Obart can also do Annihilation V and Legendary Claw VII attacks.

Dragon King Alcar

You should consider having high spike defense (use Gems and Dunban’s Steel Protection skill). Try to use the Aura Seal (by using Shulk’s Purge) as much as possible. Keeping it Toppled/Dazed can also give you more breathing space.

Disciple Dickson

The Boss has almost 6-7 normal attacks and Chaos Bullet VI (inflicts pierce damage in-line) as talent art at its disposal. It’s a two-part fight. After you reduce its HP to 50%, everyone will be fully healed again.

Ancient Machines

The Ancient Machine will use Spin Attack two times during the fight. The range is this attack is a circle around the caster. Ancient Machine will also do Surprise Shock and Ether Lases once during the fight. Both attacks can be dodged by going behind as he can only attack in front.

Ancient Machine has three fight modes: Attack Mode, Guard Mode, and Final Defence Mode. In Attack mode, the physical defense is low, and Strength is high. Similarly, in Guard Mode, the physical defense is high, and Strength is low.

Leone Telethia

Leone Telethia’s boss fight has two phases. He will only do a mind blast when the Talent Guage is full. The second phase will start when total health drops below 50%. Leone Telethia has four attacks in the fight. These attacks are Sleep Spin, Sleep Bullet, Channel I, and Ether Cannon II.

Leone Telethia will do the Channel I attack four times. The defense power of Leone Telethia’s is close to none when you are doing chain attacks on him. Leone Telethia has status names as Super Aura 2, in which he will regenerate all his HP.

 Discipline Lorithia

This boss fight has only one phase lasting throughout the fight. The physical defense is higher in Discipline Lorithia. She will send a frontal range ether laser in the Ether Laser attack. She will also do Big Band VI and Obliterate attacks.

Discipline Lorithia has three statuses: Elemental Barrier, Elemental Activate, and Shield Recovery. She can remove debuffs in Shield Recovery.

Mechon M82

Mechon M82 has only two attacks in the boss fight. These attacks are Upper Chainsaw I and Deadly Chainsaw. Both attacks have a very low range. The physical defense of Mechon M82 is close to none.

Mysterious Telethia

Mysterious Telethia boss fight has only one stage. He has four attacks during the fight. These attacks are Sleep Spin, Sleep Bullet, Super Nova VII, and Ultimate Cannon IX. The physical defense of Mysterious Telethia is 70%.

Mysterious Telethia has a status named Talent Absorb, in which he can absorb all the talents of the enemy. The other status is Soul Read which increases his Physical Evasion. You are required to defeat this Boss to complete Melancholy Tyrea Surprise Quest.

Obelis Obart

Obelis Obart boss battle in Xenoblade Chronicles X has five types of attacks. He can induce topple and Pierce on a single target during the Annihilation attack. In Legendary Claw VII, he can do damage and bleed to the enemy and do Daze that will ultimately knock down the enemy.

Obelis Obart has the status named Behemoth Rampage, in which he can provide himself a Crazed Aura and becomes immune to Topple. The Gore status will do physical damage to the enemy.

Orluga Rufus

Orluga Rufus boss battle will have three types of attacks. He can induce topple damage with the help of Hard Push. The other two attacks are Big Spin and R Laser. Orluga Rufus has a status named Charge, where he can fill up his talent gauge from 33% to 99%.

The Zanza (Final Boss Fight)

This boss battle in Xenoblade Chronicles X is divided into 3 sections. You can reorganize your party members before the start of each fight. The Boss will summon the Zanza Guardians as reinforcements.

First, you should deal with the summoned guardians, and then you can focus on Zanza itself. Watch for the Vision prompt and tap the B button as quickly as possible.

Zanza will be immune to Daze and Aura Seal for the most part. The background colors can guess it the World Reconstruct art.

Red means Physical Protect buff, which summons 2X level 80 Zanza guardians, while yellow means Physical Protect buff and a Crazed aura.

After the second fight, Shulk will be equipped with a Monado III weap after the second fight on, so you will have to adjust the geme again.

Before the fight starts for the third time, everyone (including the Boss) will be healed, and it will be the last time you fight a boss in Xenoblade Chronicles.


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