Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Zephyr Guide

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 has 4 Defender classes and one of these is the Zephyr class. The class features fast movements and evasion. Zephyr class characters are fast and nimble and excel in counterattacking. This guide will help introduce you and explain more in-depth about the Zephyr Class in Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

How to Unlock Zephyr Class

The Zephyr class is available from the start of the game. Zephyr is the starting class of Mio, one of the main protagonists in Xenoblade Chronicles 3, so as soon as you get the option to change the classes of your characters, you can equip the Zephyr class.

Best Zephyr Characters

Other than Mio, for which Zephyr is the starting class, the best options for Zephyr class are Euine and Sena, both of which are recruitable characters. All of these characters have excellent agility, one of the basic requirements for the Zephyr class in Xenoblade 3.

Best Zephyr Arts

Though like all classes, Zephyr class features many Arts, only a few of these can help you make your character most effective. Here are the best Combo Arts and Master Art for Zephyr Class in XC3.

Combo Arts

Since the Zephyr class excels at evasion and counterattacking, the main focus of the combo arts we suggest is to increase your evasion and get the enemy to focus on you since you are the defending character.

Butterfly Blade – Boosts enemy aggro by 50%.

Air Fang – Boosts damage against enemies who are attacking you by 50%.

Speed Demon – Boosts evasion by 30% but the damage dealt by 15%.

The Combo arts focus on getting the enemy to focus on you and ignoring the other teammates. As the focus shifts to you, your damage output to that enemy will increase and increased evasion will make you able to counter a lot of the attacks easily.

We can’t just simply bulk out a Zephyr class hero; we need to focus on mobility since that is one of the biggest tools in Zephyr’s arsenal.

Master Art

From the two Master Arts for Defenders, we recommend using Crash Out. The art will increase enemy aggro, allowing Zephyrs to do their job better.

Best Zephyr Master Skill

Defensive Soul is the best choice as the Master Skill for Zephyr Class. The skill will boost the Physical Defense of the class by 10%. Though the Zephyr class depends on evading the majority of the attacks, we still need to provide additional defense since not all the attacks can be evaded with surety.

Best Zephyr Accessories

Similar to our concept when we chose the Combo Arts, we will focus on agility mainly since that is a very crucial requirement for the Zephyr class in Xenoblade 3. Additionally, we also want some additional health, so Zephyr can withstand a few direct hits if it has to.

Hence, we chose the Gear Support for increased agility and Beastfang Necklace to get additional HP for the Zephyr class.

Best Gems for Zephyr

Same as the accessories, we use the Tailwind Gem with Zephyr class for Increased Agility and Ironclad Gem for increased HP.

Zephyr Arts List

Talent Art

Gemini Strike – Evades Attacks and Enemy aggro increased by 50%

Combo Arts

Butterfly Blade – Boosts enemy aggro by 50%.

Air Fang – Boosts damage against enemies who are attacking you by 50%.

Wide Slash – Evade enemy attacks at the cost of reduced Critical rate

Glow Ring – Physical attack

Speed Demon – Boosts evasion by 30% but the damage dealt by 15%.

Master Arts

Wide Slash – Rank 1

Glow Ring – Rank 10

Gemini Strike – Rank 20

Zephyr Skills List

Class Skills

Stormy Gale – Boost Agility by 10%

I’ll Defend You – 8% chance to prevent attack on an ally in a fixed radius

Split-Second Counter – Deals 100% of the attack damage when you manage to evade an attack

Ether’s Sanctuary – Boosts Ether defense by 10%

Master Skills

Split-Second Counter – Rank 5

Stormy Gale – Rank 15

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