Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Zeon Best Arts, How to Recruit and Use

Zeon is a character with unique abilities in Xenoblade Chronicles 3. Zeon fills the role of a defender hero, gifted with defensive powers, in your party. For those who like to stay on the back foot during battles, Zeon can be an ideal choice for you. This guide will help you unlock Zeon in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 with ease and help you understand him better.

How to Unlock Zeon

Zeon cannot be recruited into the team in XC3 until Valdi becomes a party member. When the team finishes Colony 4, they’ll head south to Elsie’s Spout, where they’ll meet up with Valdi. It’s going to take some fights to get to the next step, which leads to the liberation of Colony 30. Upon completion, Valdi will be available to be recruited as a hero for your team in Xenoblade 3, allowing players to recruit Zeon.

How to Use Zeon

Zeon is a very defensive character by nature and once you recruit him to your team in Xenoblade 3, he starts off with Guardian Commander class to fill the role of a defender in your party.

Inflicting debuffs on enemies is Zeon’s thing, and his Talent Arts can make him stronger while absorbing attacks. While Zeon is a defender, his moves don’t draw aggro, making it hard for him to fulfill his role when it comes to combat in Xenoblade 3. You must use suitable arts for Zeon to compensate for his defensive nature.

When you use Celestial Strike and Shield Bash, you can inflict Knockback and Topple, so you can interrupt enemies’ attacks rather than being unable to draw aggro. Keeping Zeon in the fight requires Victory Shift.

The reason Deflector Shield is perfect for a Defender like Zeon is that it allows you to absorb attacks while getting stronger. Make sure you save it when you know your enemies will launch a deadly attack.

Best Arts

The best arts we recommend for Zeon after recruiting him in XC3 are listed below:

Celestial Strike

  • Area of Effect: One Target
  • Attack Type: Physical Attack
  • Effect: When activated, it increases the damage caused by 70%.

Deflector Field

  • Area of Effect: Self
  • Attack Type: Defense
  • Effect: When activated, it enables Zeon to absorb attacks. Apart from that, it also helps getting stronger for a particular amount of time.

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