Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Troubadour Guide

Miyabi’s starting class, Troubadour, is one of the 8 Healer Classes in Xenoblade Chronicles 3. Not only does the Troubadour class have exceptional healing abilities, it also has the ability to give its allies incredibly useful buffs and status effects.

To help you out with mastering the Troubadour class in Xenoblade Chronicles 3, we’ve prepared this guide for you where we’ll be showing you every bit of information you need to know about this class.

How to Unlock Troubadour

The Troubadour class can be unlocked in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 by completing the Hero Quest of Miyabi. Miyabi’s Hero Quest is named “Side Story: Mio” and it takes place in the Upper Aetia Region during Chapter 6.

During the start of Chapter 6, you’ll find yourself at the Captocorn Peak area. When you’re there, a cutscene about Mio, Sena and Miyabi’s backstory in Colony Theta will be triggered.

After the cutscene ends, Miyabi’s Hero Quest will be unlocked. This Hero Quest is very straightforward. You simply need to win a series of fights against the Colony Omega soldiers.

The final soldier you’ll have to fight will be Level 54 Moebius Y. Once you’ve defeated him, the Hero Quest will be over and the Troubadour class will be unlocked.

Best Troubadour Characters

The best characters to use with Troubadour in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 are Mio and Eunie.

Mio is a great choice as she has incredible Agility. Since the Troubadour is a Healer class, your job in the battlefield will be to stay alive and constantly help your allies. Since you won’t have good offensive abilities yourself, you’ll need good defense to be able to survive in the battlefield. This is why Mio is a great pick for the Troubadour class.

The next best pick for the Troubadour class is Eunie. Eunie has one of the highest Healing stats in the game. So naturally, Eunie is the best pick for the Troubadour class.

Best Troubadour Arts

When picking the Arts for your Troubadour build in XC3, it’s important to pick the ones that best suit its playstyle. You’re looking to select the Arts which maximize on its healing potential and also provide useful buffs to allies.

To make your life easier, below we’ve listed down the best Combat and Master Arts for the Troubadour class in XC3.

Combat Arts

Even though they are Combat Arts, you need to keep in mind that the Troubadour class is a Healing class. Healing and providing buffs to allies takes priority over improving your own offensive abilities.

Because of that, the three best Combat Arts for the Troubadour class are:

  • Ring o’ Roses
  • Autumn Rain
  • Way Home

Ring o’ Roses and Autumn Rain both grant allies amazing buffs which will help them out a lot in battle. These two Arts synergize perfectly together.

Way Home is your one and only actual Combat Art. It performs a single-target Ether Attack which inflicts Burst on the target.

Master Arts

Your Master Arts should be completely focused on improving your Troubadour’s healing ability and granting them useful utility. For this purpose, the three best Master Arts for the Troubadour class are:

Advanced Cooldown – Grants Field and increases Defense

Solid Stance – Increases Defense but decreases Attack

Multi Blast – Upon hitting the target, heals all allies present within a small radius

These three Master Arts will synergize together to increase the defenses of your allies, heal them and provide them with useful buffs. This will significantly increase their survivability in the battlefield.

Best Troubadour Master Skills

The three best Master Skills for the Troubadour class in Xenoblade 3 are listed below.

Strengthening Gambit – Makes the buffs granted by the Troubadour class last for 30% longer

Ninja Healer – Decreases aggro caused by healing Arts by 30%

Healing License – Increases the amount of HP regenerated from healing Arts by 20%.

There are absolutely no better choices for the Troubadour’s Master Skills than these three skills. Strengthening Gambit and Healing License will synergize together to greatly improve the potency of your healing abilities.

And Ninja Healer will increase your survivability in the battlefield by decreasing enemy aggro towards you. This will allow you to focus on using your healing utility without having to worry about getting attacked by enemies too much.

Best Troubadour Accessories

Accessories are a great way of adding the finishing touches to your build in XC3. The three best accessories for the Troubadour class are listed below.

Star Anklets – Increases the duration of Burst

Affection Necklace – Increase the amount of HP regenerated from healing Arts

Silver Necklace – Decreases the amount of aggro created by auto-attacks

Affection Necklace and Silver Necklace will further improve your healing and survivability. Star Anklet will give you a decent improvement in your offensive capabilities.

Best Troubadour Gems

The three best Gems to use with the Troubadour class are listed below.

Lifesaving Expertise I – Increases the speed of healing and the speed at which you revive allies

Swelling Blessing I – Increases the potency of the buffs you grant

Refined Blessing I – Increases the duration of the buffs you grant

Swelling Blessing and Refined Blessing are very important gems for the Troubadour class. They will greatly improve the overall effectiveness of the buffs you grant to your allies.

Lifesaving Expertise will save you a lot of time in the battlefield and it’ll also help keep you and your allies safer.

Troubadour Arts List

Talent Art

Glittering Melody – Recharges Arts by 50% for all allies that are fighting in the battle. Does not apply to the user.

Combat Arts

Ring o’ Roses – AoE healing ability

Twin Moons – When this Art hits the target, it has a 50% chance to nullify all buffs from them

Shadow Parade – Increases recharge rate of Arts by 25% but also increases incoming damage by 25%

Empty Shell – AoE healing ability

Sweet Breeze – AoE healing ability

Snowdrift – Single target attack

Autumn Rain – AoE healing ability

Way Home – Single target attack

Master Arts

Way Home – Rank 1

Ring o’ Roses – Rank 10

Glittering Melody – Rank 20

Troubadour Skills List

Class Skills

Swiftsong – Increases accuracy and evasion of allies by 10%

Endsong – When the user is debilitated, this skill recharges the Arts of all allies by 60%

Dance of Barrages – When using an Art, this skill grants a 10% chance to keep it recharged

Dance of Life – When an ally is debilitated, this skill recharges the Arts of the user by 60%

Master Skills

Dance of Barrages – Rank 5

Swiftsong – Rank 15