How To Open Trick Locks In Xenoblade Chronicles 3

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 has several locked doors called Trick Locks (or Unknown Devices) that require you to solve their puzzles to open the way forward.

Trick Doors can be easily identified in the open world. They are large in size and are made of metal. They also have two glowing eye-like circles above them that are part of the mechanical puzzle.

The following guide will explain how to solve and unlock Trick Doors in Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

How To Solve Trick Lock Puzzles In Xenoblade 3

The puzzle themselves are relatively easy to understand and solve. All you need to do is rotate the eye-like circles (or rings) to place the red orbs into the green sockets. When that is done, the eyes will start flashing to indicate that the Trick Door puzzle has been solved and the door has been opened.

You will use the “L” and “R” buttons to rotate the left and right circles respectively in Xenoblade Chronicles 3. Take note that the green sockets are permanently fixed in place. You will only be rotating the red orbs on the rims until they line up with the green sockets.

You will come across your first Unknown Trick Devices in the Milio Trick Caverns, southeast of Colony 4. The caverns are near the Namba Mound Camp. There are two Trick Locks here that need to be solved.

Milio Trick Door #1 Solution

Start by turning the left side once. Then turn the right side twice to have both red orbs in the green sockets. Press the “B” button to finish the puzzle and open the door.

Milio Trick Door #2 Solution

Start by turning the left side once and then the right side once. Now turn the left side again and press the “B” button to solve the puzzle.


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