Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Tips

We have compiled some handy tips for you to keep in mind when diving into Xenoblade Chronicles 3 for the first or 100th time.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3’s new release will see not only a lot of returning players, but new players who are picking up the series for the first time will also be joining in on the fun. Whether you are a newbie or a Xenoblade veteran, having a little insight before getting into the game is always good. So, here are a few tips for all players before they start their Xenoblade Chronicles 3 adventure.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Tips and Tricks

Take Benefit of Training Drills

One of the most basic things everyone needs to actually play any game is knowing the controls and the combos of the game. It’s the same for Xenoblade Chronicles 3. Though the game does teach you all the basics and even the advanced controls in pop-ups so you can try them out in the moment of heat. However, sometimes players may forget the moves and controls because they are busy in the fight.

So, the game offers Training Drills for players to go and practice the controls and moves anytime they want. Go to the System and select Training Drills. Here, you have the option to select whatever skill you want to train with. The drill will show you what exactly you have to do and give you a dummy enemy to practice on as well.

Whenever you find yourself lacking, make sure to take the training drills in XC3 around for a spin to get back on track.

Maintaining Saves

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 offers you five spots to save the game. Three of these spots are for manual saves, one for Auto-Save and the last for Quick Save.

Now, even though the game does auto-save automatically, there is a bit of confusion. See, though the manual saves a quite simple and you can manually save the game at campfires or chapter breaks, you need to be a little careful about the auto-saving system.

Whenever you load any of your manual saves, any of the follow-up autosaves will be from that point forward. For example, if you were in chapter 2 in the playthrough, and you decide to load in to another of your manual saves of chapter 1, the autosave will be in chapter 1. You cannot access your chapter 2 playthrough through your auto-save tab.

So, if you ever want to move to another of your saves, never depend on your autosaves. They WILL get erased, so make sure that you always save before you decide to load in another save of Xenoblade 3.


Xenoblade 3 allows you to change the shortcuts for various features of the game, such as the map, your quests, item inventory, party skills tab, in-game tips, training drills and a lot more.

A lot of players do tend to sleep on this feature, but though subtle, this feature allows you to access any screen you want fast and easy, without having to scroll across menus. You can easily access your entire map, area map and even your inventory if you do take the time to set your shortcuts.

To change your shortcuts, go to the shortcut screen and on any shortcut that you want to change, press A and select the shortcut you want to replace it with.

Don’t Attack Everything you See

Across your adventure in Xenoblade Chronicles 3, you will see a lot of monsters that you can fight. Know that you don’t need to, in fact, you shouldn’t. Though fighting and defeating the monsters is a valid and important way of leveling up, don’t waste your time attacking all the monsters.

As you level up, the monsters in an area where they are lower level then won’t attack you. So, whenever you see a monster not attacking you, that’s because the monster is weaker than you, and the XP you get for defeating the monster isn’t worth the effort. These are the monsters that you should ignore and move on to the monsters that will actually provide enough XP for you to level up easily.

Use Proper Gear

Gear and accessories provide various passive buffs to your characters in Xenoblade Chronicles 3. Some buffs might seem more appealing than others, but we recommend that you always select the gear you are going to use depending on the class and the abilities of the character.

For example, using gear that increases HP on a character that won’t be fighting directly is a waste. Instead, use it on a defender who will be tanking damage from the enemy Similarly, using a gear that boosts healing arts is ofcourse meant for a healer instead of your main attacker.

If your characters are not doing well, do look at the gear and accessories they have to see if that is what they need or not.

Arts and Combos

Arts are the best way of dealing damage to enemies in XC3. They deal high damage and when performed in succession, can even shorten the fight.

You have the option to carry out Art Combos with your entire team. These Combos can be used by landing a sequence of Arts that inflict momentary status effects, known as reactions. These effects will play on each other and increase their effectiveness.

This will drastically increase your damage output, making every fight extremely easy

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