How To Change Time In Xenoblade Chronicles 3

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 features a day-and-night cycle just like previous installments in the storied franchise.

The gameplay mechanic is not just for show either. The world in XC3 changes based on whether it is day or night, or based on the time in general.

For example, some monsters can only be found at night while some merchants are only available during the day. You will also be forced to do some quests at a particular time of day.

During your adventures, you will have to keep track of time as it is. You can either wait it out or better yet, fast-forward time in Xenoblade 3.

The following guide will explain how you can save yourself some actual real-world time by changing the time of day in Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

How To Unlock Change Time In XC3

The ability to change time is not available at the start of the game. You will have to play Xenoblade Chronicles 3 for around 10-12 hours, depending on your playstyle, until the game plays out the backstory of Noah’s sword.

There will be a cutscene where you see a flashback. Once that cutscene ends, you will be granted the ability to change the time in XC3 as you please.

Now all you have to do is press the “X” button to pause the game and head into the main menu. Scroll to the “System” tab and you will see a new tab called “Change Time” here. Click on that and you will be presented with two timers: one for the current time and one for the time after.

Use the “L” and “R” buttons to change the time as you wish. Once you are done, head back into the game to see the world skipped to that exact time.

How Time Works In Xenoblade Chronicles 3

Time moves fasters in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 compared to the real world. For the sake of understanding, it takes 24 minutes in the game to complete 24 hours. That means you can explore the world for 24 minutes before the next day begins in XC3.

Similarly, a minute in the game is equal to 1 hour in the real world.

How To Change Time Using Skip Travel

There is also another way to change the time in the game. You can Skip Travel (which is basically what XC3 calls fast travel) to reach a location at the time you want.

This, however, can only be done once you have unlocked the Change Time option by playing the main storyline as mentioned above.

You can use it by first pressing the button ‘X’ so the menu opens. Then just select the map and the specific region of the game you want to travel to. Then, select the landmark which is not locked on the map and then you will directly travel to the specific place you chose.

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