Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Taion Best Arts and Class Order

Taion is one of the main playable protagonists in Xenoblade Chronicles 3. He is smart and insightful and uses his abilities to support his friends and team. This Xenoblade Chronicles 3 guide will introduce you to Taion, best arts for Taion as well as the best accessories.

How to Use Taion

As mentioned before, Taion is one of the six playable characters in Xenoblade 3. Taion starts with the Tactician class. He is basically a healer for the team but can also help buff his team and even place debuffs on the enemy. Due to the variety of buffs he can provide, Taion is indispensable for the team.

Taion’s Arts in XC3 allow him to buff the team, as mentioned above. The buffs include raising ally evasion, and lower enemy evasion and all of his buffs cover an AoE and buff all the allies in the area. The art Avenging Eagle is a forward AoE so you can debuff enemies more easily and get multiple enemies in a single use.

Lastly, for accessories, we are going for items that will boost Taion’s healing ability in Xenoblade 3, making him much better as a healer for the team.

Best Accessories

Circlet of Intellect – Boosts healing arts

Saint’s Necklace – Boosts healing arts

Best Arts

Avenging Eagle – Lowers the evasion ability of the enemy

Stormy Skies – Heals all allies around you

Hazy Figure – Raises evasion of teammates in an AoE

Best Class Order

  1. Tactician – Healer (starting class)
  2. Medic Gunner – Healer
  3. Heavy Guard – Defender
  4. Zephyr – Attacker
  5. Ogre – Defender
  6. Swordfighter – Attacker

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