Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Skirmishes Guide

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 stands on the shoulders of the previous installments in the franchise but does not shy away from introducing some new features. Skirmishes, in this case, are new to the franchise and are mini battles of sorts that you can take part in for bonus rewards.

The following guide will explain what Skirmishes are, how they work, and more in Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

What Are Skirmishes In XC3?

Skirmishes are basically battles between two factions. They are not part of the main storyline. In fact, you can choose to not take on any Skirmish and still complete the main content without any worries. However, doing so will mean that you lose out on some useful rewards.

When you come across a Skirmish while exploring, you can choose to assist either of the two factions. Each faction will offer a different reward. You can choose which faction to assist based on either their rewards or something else entirely.

How Skirmishes Work In XC3

Skirmishes are denoted by a red icon with two crossed swords. Whenever you spot that icon in the open world, you just need to come near to begin with Skirmish. Since they are secondary, side activities, it is your choice whether you want to take time out for a Skirmish or not.

When the Skirmish begins, you will be shown the rewards each faction is promising. Make it a habit to always pick Nopon Coins since they are extremely rare to find in the game.

When you have sided with a faction, make note of the enemy faction. If their level is too high or they seem too strong, there is no point in sticking around for a defeat. In such a case, you can abandon the Skirmish and leave the two factions fighting on their own.

Take note that Skirmishes take place in the same location, so you can always return to do them over and over again. However, once you have successfully completed a Skirmish, doing it again will not reap any further rewards.

Skirmish Rewards

As previously mentioned, the rewards from Skirmishes vary between factions and the Skirmish itself. However, they generally offer three kinds of rewards:

  • Nopon Coins
  • XP & Gold
  • Colony Affinity

Always choose Nopon Coins over everything else. You can always farm gold and there are a ton of ways to level up fast in the game.

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