Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Seraph Guide

Seraph is one of the 12 Attacker Classes in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 and it serves as Cammuravi’s starting class. Having an Attack rating of S, Seraph is one of the most powerful Attacker Classes – but only if you create the right build for it.

If you’re looking to learn more about the Seraph class in Xenoblade Chronicles 3, we’ve prepared this guide for you where we’ll be showing you all the information you need to know about this class.

How to Unlock Seraph

Since Seraph is the starting class of Cammuravi, you need to complete Cammuravi’s Hero Quest to unlock the Seraph class. Cammuravi’s Hero Quest becomes available during Chapter 6 of XC3 after you complete the Side Story: Mio. Once you’ve completed this story, a marker for a quest-related event will pop up at the bottom of the Upper Aetia Region map, near Colony Omega Camp.

Head to this marker and you’ll trigger a cutscene with Cammuravi. Once the cutscene ends, Cammuravi’s Hero Quest, named “A Twist of Fate” will begin.

The first objective of the quest will be to talk to the Armory Pilot. After talking to him, you’ll need to search for clues in the Module Warehouse.

Inside this warehouse, you’ll find footprints. Follow the footprints and then head to the Centrilo Parada. And then, finally, talk to Travis to complete the quest and unlock the Seraph class in Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

Best Seraph Characters

The best characters to use with the Seraph class (excluding Cammuravi) in Xenoblade 3 are Taion and Noah.

This is because both Taion and Noah have very high TP. This will allow them to take full advantage of the damage potential of the Seraph class, especially during chain attacks.

Best Seraph Arts

The Seraph class in XC3 offers players a large catalogue of Arts to choose from. If you want to maximize the damage output of this class, you need to choose the best Arts for it.

To make things easier for you, below we’ve listed down the best Combat and Master Arts for the Seraph class in XC3.

Combat Arts

For the Combat Arts in Xenoblade 3 when it comes to Seraph, you need to select the Arts which synergize together to deal the highest amount of damage possible. For that, the best choices are listed below.

  • Dragon’s Snarl
  • Inferno Dance
  • Leveling Fire

All three of these Arts will significantly increase your damage output. Leveling Fire stands out from the rest as it increases your Attack by 50%, but it also deals damage to you while you’re using it.

Dragon’s Snarl increases Critical Hit Chance, but takes off 10% of your HP while you’re using it. Inferno deals great Physical Damage but it also decreases 10% of your HP while you’re using it.

Master Arts

For the Master Arts, you’re looking to pick ones that grant your Seraph the most useful utility. For this purpose, below we’ve listed down the three best Master Arts for the Seraph class in XC3.

Shield Bash – Inflicts Topple

Flashback – Inflicts Side Break

Shadow Eye – Increases Attack and decrease enemy aggro by 50%

Shield Bash and Flashback are very useful Arts as they allow you to inflict Topple and Side Break, which are powerful debuffs.

But Shadow Eye is a must-have for the Seraph class as not only does it increase damage output, it also decreases enemy aggro by 50%. This means that you won’t get overwhelmed during battle and your survivability will be significantly improved.

Since you’ll be losing quite a bit of health because of your Combat Arts, having Shadow Eye is crucial.

Best Seraph Master Skills

The three best Master Skills for the Seraph class in Xenoblade 3 are listed below.

Essence of Ether – Increases attack of allies by 20% and decreases Guard Rate of opponents by 5%

Covert Attack- Decreases aggro caused by user’s attacks by 20%

Fighting Prowess – Increases damage from Physical Arts by 30%

Essence of Ether and Fighting Prowess will synergize together to increase the damage output of your entire team while Cover Attack will increase your survivability in battle.

Best Seraph Accessories

If you want to take your Seraph build in Xenoblade 3 to the next level, make sure to not overlook the accessories. The two best accessories for the Seraph class are listed below.

Violent Stone – Increases damage from auto-attacks

Wind Bracelet – Recharges your Master Arts quicker

If you want to save your HP for a bit and use auto-attacks instead of Arts, Violent Stone will help you out a lot.

And once you have enough HP to start using Arts, Wind Bracelet will allow you to spam your Arts one after another by making them recharge much faster.

Best Seraph Gems

The best Gems to use with the Seraph class are listed below.

Steelcleaver – Enhances Attack damage

Disperse Bloodlust – When using Arts, enemy aggro is decreased

Accurate Grace – Enhances Dexterity

Increased Attack and Dexterity is always welcomed when you’re using an Attack type class like Seraph. And the reduced aggro from Disperse Bloodlust will further increase your survivability, which is very much needed with the Seraph class.

Seraph Arts List

Talent Art

Empyrean Salvo – When Awakened, boosts your damage by 70%

Combat Arts

Flamelord – When attacking a target from the front, boosts your damage by 50%

Crimson Lance – When attacking a target from the side, inflicts Topple on them.

Leveling Fire – Increases Attack by 50% but also deals damage to you while you’re using it

Dragon’s Snarl – Increases Critical Hit Chance but takes off 10% of your HP while you’re using it

Inferno Dance – Deals great Physical Damage but also decreases 10% of your HP while you’re using it

Master Arts

Flamelord – Rank 1

Crimson Lance – Rank 10

Empyrean Salvo – Rank 20

Seraph Skills List

Class Skills

Got the Guts – When HP is 80% or less, attack is boosted by 60%

Greatest Warrior – For every enemy present in battle, damage is increased by 25% (up to 200%)

Universal Annihilation – Increases damage against Launches and Toppled opponents by 50%

Beast Mode – When incoming damage is equivalent to 45% or more of the user’s Max HP, awakening is granted

Master Skills

Greatest Warrior – Rank 5

Universal Annihilation – Rank 15