Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Lanz Best Arts and Class Order

Lanz is one of the main protagonists in Xenoblade Chronicles 3. He is the biggest bulkiest of all the six main protagonists you can play as in Xenoblade 3. This guide will introduce you to Lanz in Xenoblade Chronicles 3, best arts for Lanz as well as the best accessories.

How to Use Lanz

Lanz starts out with the Heavy Guard class with the defender role. He is well equipped for the class, using a great sword that acts both as the main weapon and a shield for Lanz. With the Heavy Guard class, Lanz has a proficiency of rating S.

Lanz’s arts will recharge over time instead of a certain number of auto attacks. Lanz’s Bull Rush will allow him to knock enemies down open for attacks. Furthermore, the Crash Out art and Solid Stance art will not only increase the enemy’s aggro towards Lanz by 70% but he can withstand the aggro due to the increased 25% defense.

Both the accessories we chose for Lanz in XC3 make him even tankier than he actually is, making him buff with additional HP and an increased block rate to make sure that he takes minimum damage and block as much as possible.

Best Accessories

Light Weak Guard – Increased Block Rate

Bronze Temple Guard – Increased HP


Best Arts

Bull Rush – Topples the enemy over

Crash Out – Increases aggro generated by the character by 70%

Solid Stance – Increases defense and offense by 25% each

Best Class Order

  1. Heavy Guard – Defender
  2. Ogre – Attacker
  3. Swordfighter – Attacker
  4. Medic Gunner – Healer
  5. Zephyr – Defender
  6. Tactician – Healer

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