Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Isurd Best Arts, How to Recruit and Use

In Xenoblade Chronicles 3, you can’t make it far on your own, so the game offers a number of heroes to choose from to help you along your way, with Isurd being one of the recruitable heroes in Xenoblade 3. This guide will go over Isurd, his best arts, how to recruit Isurd in Xenoblade Chronicles 3, and put him to the best of use.

How to Unlock Isurd

In Xenoblade 3, Isurd is an exceptional healer, one of the best the game has to offer and starts off as the Healer class, Strategos. Isurd will be an asset to any team due to his ability to heal quickly, which will be crucial in life-or-death situations.

That being said, if you want Isurd on your team, you’ll have to progress through Chapter 3 of the game. Isurd becomes available to recruit after you have finished the hero’s quest, Unwavering Resolve.

Once you’ve completed Chapter 3 of XC3, simply head over to Isurd’s office and talk to him to unlock this quest.

How to Use Isurd

When it comes to Healing Power stats, Isurd is unrivaled; in fact, he ranks first among the healer heroes in XC3. He possesses not only phenomenal stats but also various Healing Arts.

These arts can aid in the regeneration of field effects and the healing of allies, making him an extremely effective Healer. So, to get the most out of Isurd, make him the primary healer in your party.

However, because Isurd has meager defenses, he will be extremely vulnerable most of the time. To deal with this, you should always have someone looking out for him in combat.

Best Arts

This section of the guide will highlight the best Arts of the Isurd. These Arts alone are enough to convince you that having Isurd on your team is a good idea.

  • Gyreflow – This sets off the Field Range of effects to Medium.
  • Mirror Trap – This is an AOE buff that doesn’t have any base effect.
  • Moonshadow – This is a single target Ether Attack.

When it comes to Talent Arts, Isurd has the likes of Soulfire, which can heal all allies up to 150% of their Healing Power, provided that the art hits.

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