Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Flash Fencer Guide

Flash Fencer is one of the attacking classes in Xenoblade Chronicles 3. The class is designed to inflict heavy amounts...

Flash Fencer is one of the attacking classes in Xenoblade Chronicles 3. The class is designed to inflict heavy amounts of damage to enemies in quick succession using dual-wielded swords.

The Flash Fencer class is hence not only a class to make short work of a battle but also a class for players looking to have a dual-wielding character on the battlefield.

The following guide will get you up to speed with the Flash Fencer class in Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

How To Unlock Flash Fencer

You will need to complete the hero quest of Ethel to unlock the Flash Fencer class in XC3. This is because Ethel has the Flash Fencer class by default. Once you have unlocked the class, you can freely switch your other characters to the Flash Fencer class in the game.

You must progress until Chapter 3 when the “No Want of Courage” quest becomes available. This quest will unlock when you are gathering medical supplies for Colony 4 as part of another quest.

Best Flash Fencer Characters

Flash fencer is best for Noah and Sena. These characters will provide a high-class rating and they come with more attack ratings to begin with. These can also help us with the master skills while alternatingly using the default classes. It is highly recommended to choose from either one of the above-mentioned characters.

Best Flash Fencer Arts

All the Arts are mentioned below. They have the best critical damage. It is highly recommended to take maximum voltage or choose acceleration for your choice of combat skill.

Combat Arts

Cross Impact: It is a single-target physical attack. When you use the art, it will make the character look bigger and stronger which will provide more power.

Null Slash: It is also a physical attack and its AOE is a forward target. This will best work when you launch an attack from the side as it will increase the critical damage by 50%.

Revolution Edge: This is also a single-target physical attack. This boosts your damage by 100% when backstabbing enemies or attacking them from behind.

Master Arts

Overfall: This belongs to the Tactician class and reduces the defenses of the enemy.

Giant Swing: This belongs to the Ogre class and allows you to knock back enemies.

Maximum Voltage: This also belongs to the Ogre class and does an unblockable attack on enemies.

Best Flash Fencer Master Skills

It is important to understand that the Flash Fencer class relies on attack power and critical rate. These are its most important stats and what you should be looking to improve further. In that vein, the following two are the best Master Skills for Flash Fencer.

Cypher Edge: This Master Skill comes from the Swordfighter class and boosts your critical rate by 10%.

Fighting Prowess: This Master Skill comes from the Ogre class and increases your Physical Arts damage by 30%.

Best Flash Fencer Accessories

As mentioned before, you need to improve your attack damage to have Flash Fencer perform at its best. When it comes to choosing the best accessories, it is highly recommended to go with Attack Stone and Steam Belt.

Attack Stone increases your auto-attack damage, while Steam Belt increases your attack damage in general. Both accessories give Flash Fencer a great boost on the battlefield.

Best Gems For Flash Fencer

The first gem a Flesh Fencer absolutely needs is Analyze Weakness which increases its critical damage. Note that you will have already boosted your critical rate with your aforementioned Master Skills. There is no reason to further boost that with gems.

Furthermore, take the Empowered Combo gem to increase your damage after attack canceling, which is a major feature of the Flash Fencer class.

Flash Fencer Arts List

Talent Arts

Saber Strike: This art multiplies your physical attack power by 375%. With your increased critical rate and critical damage, Saber Strike can potentially double or even triple the amount of damage you do in a single hit.

Combats Art

Cross Impact: This buffs your character with a Power Charge, adding a 120% attack power multiplier for a single-target enemy.

Swallowtail: This buffs your damage when attacking from behind by 120% with a 195% attack power multiplier.

Silver Cyclone: This boosts your critical rate by another 75% but when attacking an enemy from its side.

Acceleration: This increases your damage by 25% when auto-attacking. It also boosts your Arts speed.

Million Flash: This inflicts Bleed on your enemies with an attack power multiplier of 360%.

Null Slash: This increases your critical rate by 50% when attack enemies from the side.

Hidden Thorn: This is another Bleed Art that does 300% power multiplier damage.

Revolution Edge: This increases your damage by 100% when attacking from behind.

Flash Fencer Skills List

Class Skills

First Move Wins: Increases damage done by 30% for the first 30 seconds of battle.

Fighting Instinct: When utilizing a Talent Art, it increases damage delivered by 25%. (up to a maximum of 200 percent).

Critical Strike: The critical hit damage boost is increased by 30%.

Capable Hands: Fills the Talent Art recharge bar by 60% at the start of the match.

Master Skills

Critical Strike: Mastered at Rank 5.

Capable Hands: Mastered at Rank 15.

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