Where To Find Fire-Fighting Hydrojet In Xenoblade Chronicles 3

The Fire-Fighting Hydrojet is one of many items that you will come across while exploring every nook and cranny in Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

The Fire-Fighting Hydrojet is an essential item that you need to complete the Collectopaedia Cards but a rather hard item to find for that matter.

The following guide will hence help you locate and get the Fire-Fighting Hydrojet in Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

How To Get The Fire-Fighting Hydrojet In XC3

There are two ways to get the Fire-Fighting Hydrojet in the game.

The first method requires you to head to the Aetia region where you must search all the containers you come across. One of the containers in this region has a high chance of dropping a Fire-Fighting Hydrojet. Make it a point to particularly search the containers outside Colony 9 as they have a much higher chance of containing the item.

Take note that the area around Colony 9 is unlocked after playing through the starting stages of Chapter 3. This will help you and your party reach level 20 or more, which is a requirement to enter this area.

The second method to find the Fire-Fighting Hydrojet is rebooting a Feronnis Hulk. To do so, kill all the enemies near the Feronnis Hulk and then power it up using an Ether Cylinder. You can harvest Ether Cylinders from Ether Channels.

After powering up the Feronnis Hulk, it will transform into a rest area where party members can also recover and gather materials to upgrade the party. Rebooting the hulk successfully may drop the Fire-Fighting Hydrojet as a reward!

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