Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Ferronis Hulk Locations Guide

Throughout Aionios, you will find several different large decrepit machines known as Ferronis Hulks scattered around. Ferronis Hulks were used by colonies as a source of resources, which, when destroyed, also destroyed the colonies.

In this guide, we’ll be looking at everything there is to know about Ferronis Hulks in Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

What Are Ferronis Hulks?

Ferronis Hulks are large machines that were used by the early colonies to fuel them. They were run by a Flame Clock. Over time these Flame Clocks ran out and the machines fell into ruin.

Throughout your journey, you’ll find a lot of these in several different regions. They are mainly located at the front and the center of a colony. Your task is to reboot all the Ferronis Hulks, restoring all the lost colonies.

Rebooting a particular Ferronis Hulk requires Ether Cylinders. Rebooting a particular Ferronis Hulk also reaps certain benefits.

Upon being rebooted, they become available as resting spots and unlock fast travel. They also provide you with two containers of rare items, as well as a Nopon Trader and a Fabricator, which you can use to craft several different items.

It is also important to know that they will be surrounded by enemies, so if you’re looking to reboot a particular Ferronis Hulk, you better come prepared for a fight.

All Ferronis Hulk Locations

Since they are fairly large machines, Ferronis Hulks are pretty hard to miss. Additionally, if they are spotted by a teammate, they will inform you of it instantly.

They are scattered all over the map, so some of them might not be unlocked for you unless you have reached a certain milestone in the story.

Nevertheless, we have collected the location of all the Ferronis Hulks there are in the game. Refer to the images provided below to know the exact location of a particular Ferronis Hulk in a region.

Hillside (Aetia Region)

You should find the Hillside Ferronis Hulk way to the southern end of the Aetia Region. This would be the first Ferronis Hulk you find, particularly as a part of the main story mission.

Battlescar (Aetia Region)

You should find the Battlescar Ferronis Hulk way at the north-most end of the Aetia Region.

Tableland (Fornis Region)

You should find the Tableland Ferronis Hulk to the east of the Dannah Desert of the Fornis Region.

Desert (Fornis Region)

You should find the Desert Ferronis Hulk at the far west end of the Fornis Region.

Sandbar (Cadensia Region)

You should find the Sandbar Ferronis Hulk at the center of the Cadensia Region.

Atoll (Cadensia Region)

You should find the Atoll Ferronis Hulk to the southwest of the Cadensia Region.

Clifftop (Pentelas Region)

You should find the Clifftop Ferronis Hulk at the north-most end of the Pentelas Region.

Cascade (Pentelas Region)

You should find the Cascade Ferronis Hulk somewhere in the center of the Pentelas Region, beside a lake.