Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Eunie Best Arts and Class Order

Out of the six playable characters in Xenoblade Chronicles 3, Eunie is the one who has the ability of a healer. During battles against strong enemies in Xenoblade Chronicles 3, characters like Eunie can have a massive impact as she can help allies as well. This guide will give you all the details which will help utilize Eunie’s maximum potential as a healer in Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

How to Play Eunie

Being a healer, Eunie can be very effective when you face aggressive enemies in Xenoblade Chronicles 3. With the right accessories and arts, Eunie can be even more useful.

In order to enhance Eunie’s Healing Arts, we strongly suggest providing her with accessories that give a boost to her healing ability. Inflicting the Daze status gives Eunie some attacking power as a healer making her more beneficial to the team. It is especially useful in the early game, when Eunie is your party’s healer, to have an accessory that increases the amount of HP restored with Healing Arts. 

Best Accessories

The most suitable accessories for Eunie in Xenoblade 3 are Friendship Ring and Saint’s Necklace. Friendship Ring will help you reduce aggro while Saint’s Necklace will give a massive boost to Eunie’s Healing Arts.

Best Arts

The best Arts that are compatible with Eunie in XC3 are Myopic Screen, Group Heal and Healing Ring. Eunie has access to her Talent Arts fairly quickly, thanks to Medic Gunner’s unique Field Arts. Make the most of Group Heal and Healing Ring while using Stun with Myopic Screen to help your team.

Best Class Order 

The best class order for Eunie in Xenoblade 3 is given below:

  1. Medic Gunner (starting class)
  2. Tactician
  3. Heavy Guard
  4. Swordfighter
  5. Zephyr
  6. Ogre

When Eunie switches to the Tactician and Heavy Guard classes, she can learn Ethereal Ability and Defensive Soul. Changing to the Swordfighter class will also help you get rid of aggro.

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