Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Cammuravi Best Arts, How to Recruit and Use

Following the main story of XC3 will provide you the opportunity to meet and recruit new heroes to your cause. You meet all types of warriors on your adventure, and the best of them will follow you. One of these recruitable warriors in XC3 is Cammuravi. This guide will help you find and recruit Cammuravi to your team in Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

How to Unlock Cammuravi

Cammuravi, like all heroes that you unlock in Xenoblade Chronicles 3, is also unlocked after you complete his Hero Quest. Cammuravi’s Hero Quest is unlocked after you complete Mio’s side quests in Chapter 6.

The quest for Cammuravi is found in the Upper Aetia Region, and once you complete the entire quest, Cammuravi will join your team.

How to Use Cammuravi

Cammuravi is an attacker with an excellent offense. However, Cammuravi’s power is a double-edged sword.

Cammuravi’s damage increases as his HP falls. This means that the lower HP Cammuravi has, the more damage he deals. This makes Cammuravi tricky and risky to use. On the one hand, you want his HP to be low so you can be as effective as possible. On the other hand, keeping Cammuravi alive during a fight becomes quite a task because of his low health.

You have to keep a perfect balance between low HP and constant regeneration to keep Cammuravi alive and effective in a fight.

Best Arts

  • Inferno Dance – When using this art, HP is reduced by 10% of the total HP
  • Leveling Fire – This art increases attack by 50% but also inflicts damage to Cammuravi
  • Dragon’s Snarl – When using this art, HP is reduced by 10% of the critical hit rate

The best Skill Art for Cammuravi is Empyrean Salvo. The art, when activated, increases all your damage by 70%.

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