Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Blades Unlocks Guide

As the name might suggest, Blades are really important in Xenoblade Chronicles 2. There are various different Blades that you can equip in the game. This Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Blades Unlocks Guide will tell you all about how to Unlock new Blades, how to upgrade them and which Blades work the best in the game.

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Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Blades Unlocks

How to Unlock New Blades

You will already have Pyra with you, but to unlock new Blades, go into the Blades area in the pause menu and select the Bond Blades option.

Now you can select the character for which you want the new Blade for and then select a Core Crystal from which a new Blade will be generated.

The rarer the crystal is, the higher the chance of you getting a powerful Blade. An ideal Blade would be the one which looks different from any other in the game and has a different artstyle.

It is very easy to tell if a Blade is rare and powerful not only by their art style but also by the crowns that are visible towards the bottom of its name card. These crowns are an indication of how easily the Blade will bond with a user.

You can also use the card to glean other information about the Blade such as the role and the specialty to better understand if the Blade will be useful for you in battle.

How to Upgrade Blades

Apart from applying Boosters, there are other ways to upgrade your Blades as well. Like the main characters, your Blades have their very own Affinity Charts which you can access through the Manage Blades option in your Blades menu.

Select the Customize Blade option and see the Affinity Chart which you can use to upgrade the various branching paths of the Blade.

The chart will work in stages and you need to unlock a full row before you can move onto the next, but you can hover over an unlock to see what you require to unlock it for battle. This process applies to the weakest and the strongest Blades in the game.

Best Blades to Equip

It is not that difficult to tell if your Blade is good or not. A surefire indicator is the number of crown symbols that their name card has.

However, we need to delve deeper to fully understand the usefulness of a particular Blade.

The Role is very important, you need to look at the role of the Blade and determine whether or not your party needs that role in the fight.

Try to match the offensive roles and the defensive roles for the perfect balance. Also, try to see if the character will require a certain type of role for them to be successful.

An offensive Blade may be much better in the hands of Rex rather than Nia, whereas a defensive Blade will tend to favor the support nature of Nia.

Lastly, it is a good idea to remember that getting a good Blade is a game of chance and you should try to unlock as many Blades as you can to ensure you get a good Blade. Try to venture into the woods and take out the powerful enemies located in the game to find the rare crystals and get your hands on new Blades.

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