XCOM: Enemy Within Gene Mods Guide

XCOM: Enemy Within introduces various new features that change your strategic gameplay and concept. One of the new additions to the customization and real-time strategic portion of the game are Gene Mods.

These are special alien-based mods that you can upgrade your soldiers with, making them more capable in combat.

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XCOM: Enemy Within Gene Mods

The Gene Mods utilize Meld to organically fuse elements of alien genetic adaptions with the bodies of your soldiers. These grant added capabilities to your soldiers in combat.

Gene mods can be applied to all units except MEC soldiers. Soldiers with Gene Mods can later undergo Psi testing and the mods will stack with Psi abilities, making them even more powerful.

The facility associated with the Gene Mods is the Genetics Lab. It can modify up to three soldiers at a time. Each soldier will be removed from duty for 3 days when he is being genetically altered in the Genetics Lab.

Gene Mods

Gene Mods modules need to be discovered through various researches. These mods are categorized according to the region of the body they are made for. These are Brain, Eyes, Chest, Skin, and Legs. Each module costs both credits and a specific amount of Meld.


Neural Feedback

Cost: 35 credits, 10 Meld
Unlock: Perform Sectoid Commander Autopsy Research

Damages an alien that fails to Mind Control the soldier. Does not reduce Mind Control’s chance of success.

Neural Damping

Cost: 35 credits, 20 Meld
Unlock: Perform Berserker Autopsy Research

Grants soldier +20 Will when defending against a Psionic Attack, with immunity to Panic. If the soldier is successfully Mind Controlled, the control is cancelled. The soldier however remains unconscious for 1 turn.


Hyper Reactive Pupils

Cost: 15 credits, 5 Meld
Unlock: Perform Meld Recombination Research

+10 Aim bonus after missing a shot.

Depth Perception

Cost: 15 credits, 5 Meld
Unlock: Perform Meld Recombination Research

+5 Aim and +5 Crit Chance bonuses for height advantage.


Adrenal Neurosympathy

Cost: 25 credits, 10 Meld
Unlock: Perform Muton Autopsy Research

Grants a Combat Pheromones boost that increases Aim, Critical Chance, and Movement of nearby soldiers when killing an enemy. Can only occur once every five turns.

Secondary Heart

Cost: 75 credits, 15 Meld
Unlock: Perform Cyberdisc Autopsy Research

Critically Wounds a soldier instead of killing him/her from lethal damage. Extends bleed out by 2 turns. Soldier won’t lose Will from critical wounds.


Bioelectric Skin

Cost: 35 credits, 15 Meld
Unlock: Perform Chryssalid Autopsy Research

Grants immunity to strangulation. Nearby hidden enemies in the fog of war are partially revealed.

Mimetic Skin

Cost: 75 credits, 35 Meld
Unlock: Perform Seeker Autopsy Research

Makes your soldier invisible if their turn ends in high cover, provided starting point wasn’t visible to enemies.


Boosted Muscle Fiber

Cost: 60 credits, 25 Meld
Unlock: Perform Thin Man Autopsy Research

Allows soldier to directly jump to heights without requiring ladders or grapple.

Adaptive Bone Marrow

Cost: 60 credits, 25 Meld
Unlock: Perform Thin Man Autopsy Research

Reduces wound recovery time by 66%; regenerate 2 HP per turn. Can stack with Rapid Recover.

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