XCOM: Enemy Unknown Heroes Unlock Guide

Your objective in XCOM: Enemy Unknown is to win the war against the aliens who have brought dark times to the human colonies. What if I tell you that you can activate some hero soldiers in XCOM: Enemy Unknown? This XCOM: Enemy Unknown Heroes Unlock guide will light your way to using them.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown Heroes Unlock

You can unlock these heroes by simply using some specific names during character creation/character customization.

A lot of gamers out there have been trying various names (hit and trial it is) and for the time being, you can unlock following hero characters:

  • Sid Meier (Support)(Psionic)
  • Ken Levine(Sniper)
  • Joe Kelly(Heavy)
  • Otto Zander(Assualt)
  • Chris Kluwe(Sniper)-PC only
  • Steve Martin(currently inactivated)
  • William Carter(Assualt)

Once you have unlocked a soldier, you won’t be able to modify it further, this is considered as cheats and you won’t be allowed to continue the game with achievements turned on.

Considering the method of unlocking these heroes, we can easily assume that there can be more of them.

If you find any other hero character, let us know by commenting below!

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