XCOM Chimera Squad Take Down Atlas Walkthrough

You will have to face Atlas, the final boss after you are done with the three investigations in XCOM Chimera Squad. In this guide, we will give you the complete walkthrough XCOM Chimera Squad Take Down Atlas mission.

XCOM Chimera Squad Take Down Atlas

Atlas is the guy who is the main reason behind the unrest in C31 and he is well backed up by a huge army.

You fight against him will not be that easy which you can understand by the fact that you will have an encounter his forces a total of four-time!

You have to make sure that you manage your resources effectively and keep your operators alive.

In the following guide, I will explain what you must do to ensure that you are victorious in this battle against Atlas.

This guide will be explained encounter wise but let me advise you one thing beforehand!

You must assign a fully equipped back up member in your squad as you will surely need it. The recommended squad is Patchwork, Terminal, Godmother, Claymore and Blueblood.

Encounter 1
Your first encounter will be in the Shooting Range as soon as you raid the Atlas HQ. You will find Hitmen and MECs here so make sure you take them out!

The first encounter is not too difficult as the worse is still to come so make sure you don’t waste your valuable resources here.

Encounter 2
The next encounter will start as soon as you breach the wall that will take you to a room filled with Dominators, Necromancers and Resonants.

You have to clear them all but start with the Dominators as Necromancers wait for their turn to attack.

Once you have cleared the area you will acquire the keycard. Gather your team near the exit gate and get ready for the next encounter.

This is fairly an easy encounter too so make sure you use your supplies restrictedly. Keep everyone healthy and use the Medi patch to give your team a boost.

Encounter 3
This encounter only has one breach point which you will breach by your last breaching ability available.

This encounter will be the hardest part of the final mission! The first wave of enemies consists of Guardians, Acolytes and Adders.

Take down the Guardians first, when two enemies are left, more will spawn so be ready.

The next wave will consist of 4 Brutes lead by Praetorian! These will be backed up by constant respawning of more enemies from the elevator! Just hold your position and don’t advance yet.

The next wave consists of Pythons, Adders and Purifiers!

Keep a focus on Pythons as their binding ability is what you must be concerned about.

When this wave arrives its time to start pushing! Acquire the position in the centre of the rooftop! This position has a perfect cover and will you in holding the enemies back.

Encounter 4
The last part of the final boss battle starts here. You will face different enemies including Praetorians and Ronin!

You focus should be on Ronin and if you have enough aim you will be able to take down the Ronin and one Praetorian.

In the Command center, you will find the Sovereign, the mastermind behind the chaos.

He is the boss hitman in the center of the map and he spawns enemies as long as you don’t kill him.

Use Claymore to trap Sovereign between two bombs so he doesn’t move around a lot.

Save a Plasma or Flash Grenade to blow up his cover and finish him off with a chainshot or a rapid-fire.

Once you down him the first time he will enter a stasis state to protect himself and that is the right time to take down the surrounding enemies.