XCOM Chimera Squad Stop Alien Abductions Walkthrough

Stop the Alien Abductions is an operation that takes place near the end of your fight against the Gray Phoenix faction. This is a long operation, giving you nine days, so there’s a lot to do here. In this guide, we’ll walk you through all the things you need to do to complete the XCOM Chimera Squad Stop Alien Abductions operation.

Stop Alien Abductions is available after completing the task to Disrupt Their Leadership against the Gray Phoenix.

XCOM Chimera Squad Stop Alien Abductions

The ‘Stop the Alien Abductions’ operation gives you 9 days you finish it up. The best way to spend all these days is by reducing the District Unrest. Do remember that this operation is accompanied by a Dark Event.

After you spend a day taking care of the unrest, there will be multiple missions available the next day.

However, probably only one of them will advance the operation; the rest will just further decrease the unrest. The District Unrest will most likely already be low enough now so it’ll be a better idea to do the other mission, called ‘Raid Trafficking’.

Raid Trafficking
This mission only has a single encounter. The entry points are a keypad door that has the ‘Watchtower’ bonus – which makes agents enable Overwatch subsequent to the breach – and a wall with Vanguard. Vanguard gives the first agent to enter +1 throughout the encounter.

This is a pretty ordinary mission, but the catch is that there is a VIP person trying to flee from this area.

After you eliminate all the enemies and either catch or kill the VIP, this mission will be over.

After doing that mission, you’ll have about 4 days left. Choose another situation from the map and complete it.

You’ll probably get the mission called ‘Coming Unspooled’, which will have the dark event active.

Coming Unspooled
This mission has two encounters. The first one has a keypad door with Reflex Boost – which gives all agents +25 defense for a single round – and Helping Hand which gives an additional action point to the final united to use this door.

The second encounter has a vent as an entry point, which is great if you have Torque.

This vent has Surprise! – which gives the agent the ability to stun targets with their shots – and Hard to Hit which reduces enemy damage by 1 during the breach.

The other entry point is a keypad door that has First Impression. This will give the first agent to enter through here 100% accuracy during the breach.

Make use of this bonus by putting an agent who has great damage but low accuracy (like an agent with a shotgun) first in line.

After finishing this mission as well, you’ll still have another 2 days left in the operation. Use these days to do any situations, promotions or projects to earn rewards or reduce District Unrest.

During the penultimate day, you’ll have two missions available: End of the Line in Angler’s Point and Found over at Riverside. The latter is the better option to select.

Found Over at Riverside
This mission only has a single encounter. The Side Door entry point will have the ‘Seal the Deal’ bonus, which makes the final agent to enter through here do +3 damage during breach.

It’ll also have Low Visibility so the accuracy of your agents will suffer. Other than that, this mission is very straight-forward.

You just have to eliminate all the enemies in the apartment. Doing so will complete this mission and the Stop the Alien Abductions operation.