XCOM Chimera Squad Best Armor Guide

In XCOM proper armor can mean the difference between completing your mission or ending up with the squad of your favorite soldiers being wiped out forever.  This XCOM Chimera Squad Best Armor guide will help your Chimera Squad survive even the most difficult of engagements.

XCOM Chimera Squad Best Armor

There are 4 types of armor that you can research and unlock in Chimera Squad.

The details for these armor upgrades are listed below:

Basic Body Armor
This is the most basic armor available to you and has no research requirements. It is available to you from the start of the game.

This armor offers very little protection and does not allow you to equip Armor Mods.

Modular Armor
With a research cost of 25 Elerium at the Assembly; Modular Armor is not much better at offering protection than the basic body armor.

It does, however, unlock the ability to equip two mods on each agent; which can prove favorable in tough situations.

Enhanced Body Armor
With a research cost of 70 Elerium at the assembly; Enhanced Body significantly increases the protection offered by armor to your agents.

The added bonuses are: your agents will get two extra health bars, are able to equip two mods, and are given an extra Utility Item slot increasing their number to two.

Mastercrafted Body Armor
With a research cost of 125 Elerium at the assembly; Mastercrafted Body Armor is the best armor available for your agents in Chimera Squad.

It increases the total health of your agents by 3. and increases Utility Item slot and Armor mods to a total of 3 each.

Once you have the Mastercrafted Body Armor, the only way to increase your strength and abilities is by focusing on min-maxing those utility slots and armor modifications available in XCOM.

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