XCOM Chimera Squad Agent Synergies Guide

Winning an encounter in XCOM: Chimera Squad requires strategy, but above all, it requires a good team composition. In this XCOM: Chimera Squad Synergies guide, we’ll be showing you a number of compositions that complement each of the respective characters’ abilities.

XCOM Chimera Squad Agent Synergies

Picking out the right characters for your composition is important for winning through encounters. Having a plan down to the final action is important; otherwise, standing a stalemate will not help your chances of winning, especially at higher difficulties.

The detailed explanation of the below-mentioned Agent synergies will help you face the threats scattered across City 31 with a diversity of agent roles.

Godmother, Cherub/Terminal and Axiom

Godmother in this build will be your main damage dealer. Combine her with tanky teammates, and you’ll be able to really extract her true potential with great damage output. She can breach alongside Axiom and combine the two of them with Cherub to protect them from any open angles and provide additional support.

Cherub will protect Godmother during the initial breach, allowing her to openly deal damage and lay a good starting point for your encounter.

Terminal can also help Godmother by providing her healing and prolonging Godmother’s survivability on the field.

Cherub, Zephyr and Shelter

Cherub’s primary role is to protect the team from any incoming damage and to nullify any trump cards of the enemy that might render the team in a bad position.

Zephyr’s parry and kinetic shield can help protect her from two types of damage. Shelter’s relocation will help to instantly get out of tight spots.

Each and every member of the team is able to stand their own ground when needed. Combine all of them together, and you can tank your way through enemy encounters with ease.

Terminal, Claymore and Torque

Terminal is more or less the one character that can go with any composition.

Her healing abilities really help to make sure you can push to the final objective without being worse for the wear. Claymore will be able to deal a ton of damage by spamming his shrapnel grenades.

Torque can use tongue pull to pick out enemies and isolate them. Torque’s ability can help you transform the entire situation in your favor.

Verge, Terminal and Zephyr

Verge syncs greatly with Terminal due to her co-operation skill. This little boost will help her setup the neural network very quickly.

Not to mention that Verge’s stun can help our third character Zephyr to take the opportunity and deal a bunch of damage.

Axiom, Godmother Blueblood/Terminal

As mentioned before, Axiom pairs very well with Godmother in terms of breaching.

They can complement each other’s abilities as they charge into the enemy with Axiom’s Battering Ram and Godmother’s Alpha strike.

You can choose Blueblood to help Axiom finishing off any wounded enemies left behind. An alternative to Blueblood would be Terminal for her co-operation action and GREMLIN heals.

Blueblood, Axiom and Terminal

Blueblood, with the help of Terminal’s co-operation skill, can allow him to shoot 4 times in just one round.

This makes for a great offensive, considering Terminal can heal Blueblood too, allowing him to dish out damage for an extended period of time.

Axiom’s breaching abilities can really step up your initial game; charging with both of them at the same time can yield some rather offensive results.

Claymore, Patchwork and Verge

Claymore can easily handle a packed encounter with his AoE abilities. Combine him with characters like Patchwork to provide useful synergies and you’re looking at a great amount of mob control and damage.

Verge can provide additional support by stunning enemies and making them ideal for a sticky bomb.

All three of these characters can extensively utilize their abilities without having to relocate much.

Patchwork, Terminal and Zephyr

Patchwork provides a great source of DPS. Combining her with an aggressive character like Zephyr will help them to easily take care of stunned enemies.

Terminal’s co-operation action can help Patchwork to spam her chaining jolt ability twice in a single round.

Shelter, Patchwork and Godmother

Shelter’s a defensive character that can protect teammates from incoming damage and giving them defensive buffs with relocation.

Shelter tends to stay at the back and can really help characters like Patchwork and Godmother. Their offensive abilities, combined with the defensive capabilities of shelter can really make your first few moves game-changing if done correctly.

Zephyr, Terminal and Godmother

Zephyr can utilize Terminal’s co-operation to use her momentum and parry skill, both in one round.

Pair Zephyr with someone like Godmother, and you can pull off a great offensive with a good amount of DPS. Zephyr’s stun will do wonders with Godmother’s ability to finish them off.

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