XCOM 2 Specialist Class Guide – Abilities, Tips and How to Play

The Specialist Class in XCOM 2 uses a remote-controlled airborne called as the Gremlin which not only provides team support, but also objective and enemy control.

With the use of the flying Gremlin, the Specialist Class provides support in terms of healing, support buffs, remote hacking, and boosting stats. However, one thing that you need to know is that the Gremlin must be guided by the Specialist as his action move for a turn.

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XCOM 2 Specialist Class Guide

When it comes to weapon, the Specialist Class only excels when equipped with rifles. As for Class Abilities, the abilities mostly revolve around improving the functionality of Gremlin in multiple ways.

XCOM 2 Grenadier Class Tips

Needless to say, but the Specialist Class can provide plenty of support in a fight, therefore; it is a good idea to stick behind cover and try to stay alive for a few turns.

It is also important to note that the Gremlin action do not end the turn automatically so you should consider boosting HP or defense of an ally while continuously firing for the turn.

You should also consider getting your hands on the Medical Protocol as soon as possible as it will allow you to provide support remotely.

While it may not sound much, it will save you the trouble of heading in the middle of field in order to revive a downed treatment. Moreover, you should also upgrade to the nanomedikit whenever you can.

In XCOM 2, the Specialist Class also has the ability to send in Gremlin to a nearby turret or CCTV in order to bring up the hacking screen. While you will get slim chances of a successful hack, you should definitely try your chances.

If successful, you will get your hands on a random enemy unit on the field and takeover enemy turrets. However, you should also bear in mind that a failed hack will destroy your concealment.

When it comes to abilities, Field Medic and Medical Protocol work really well by providing you with a total of 4 charges and remote healing. Moreover, the Haywire Protocol allows players to gain control of an enemy turret for the rest of the mission.

Lastly, the Scanning Protocol can be used to locate civilians as well as shape-shifting enemies hiding in plain sight. The class abilities in details are provided below:

Specialist Class Abilities

Starting Ability: Aid Protocol – Command your GREMLIN to move to a friendly target. It grants that target a bonus to Defense until the start of the next player turn

Medical ProtocolBattle Medic
The GREMLIN can perform healing actions remotely: GREMLIN Heal and GREMLIN Stabilize. The GREMLIN has a single charge. If a medikit is equipped it has two charges.

Combat ProtocolCombat Hacker
Send the GREMLIN to an enemy to jolt them, dealing guaranteed damage, which is increased against robotic enemies.

Revival ProtocolBattle Medic
Send the GREMLIN to an ally to remove any negative mental status effects: Disoriented, Stunned, Panicked, or Unconscious.

Haywire ProtocolCombat Hacker
You may target robotic and mechanical enemies with your GREMLIN, attempting to hack them and seize control.

Field MedicBattle Medic
Equipped medikits have 2 extra charges.

Scanning ProtocolCombat Hacker
The GREMLIN can trigger an instant scan of the area, increasing the Specialist’s sight radius substantially for one turn, and revealing any hidden or disguised enemies.

Covering FireBattle Medic
Overwatch shots can now be triggered by any enemy action, not just movement.

Threat AssessmentCombat Hacker
Aid Protocol now grants the target a Covering Fire Overwatch shot, but the Aid Protocol cooldown is increased by 1 turn.

Ever VigilantBattle Medic
If you spend all of your actions on moves, you are granted an automatic Overwatch shot at the end of the turn.

GuardianCombat Hacker
With every successful Overwatch shot, there is a 50% chance that another shot will be taken.

RestorationBattle Medic
The GREMLIN flies to each squad member, healing or reviving them as needed.

Capacitor DischargeCombat Hacker
Send the GREMLIN to a location where it emits a substantial electric discharge, damaging and potentially stunning all nearby units. Robotic units take more damage.

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