XCOM 2 Keyboard Shortcuts List To Micro-manage Everything

With multiple things happening at the same time, it is rather easy to mess things up in XCOM 2. And since the game is as unforgiving as it can get, you need to keep these possibilities to a minimum.

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Luckily, there are multiple handy shortcuts that you can use while in game to perform certain tasks such as ending a turn, using Overwatch, quick load, etc. Also do not forget to share your own findings with us in the comments section below:

  • Spacebar/Enter – Open Shot HUD/Confirm Action
  • Tab/Mouse-4 – Next Unit/Target
  • Left Shift/Mouse-5 – Previous Unit/Target
  • 1-0 – Abilities
  • Y – Overwatch
  • R – Reload
  • Q/E – Rotate Camera Left/Right
  • W/A/S/D – Camera Move Up/Left/Down/Right
  • G/T – Camera Zoom Level Up/Down
  • Mouse-3 – Toggle Camera Zoom Level
  • F/C – Ascend/Descent Floor
  • End/Backspace – End Turn
  • P – Call Skyranger
  • Hold Ctrl + Right Mouse – Waypoint Movement
  • Right Mouse – Move Unit To Cursor
  • F5 – Quick Save
  • F9 – Quick Load

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