XCOM 2 Grenadier Class Guide – Abilities, Tips and How to Play

Grenadiers in XCOM 2 are demolitions experts who provide heavy ordinance delivery whenever and wherever their allies need it.

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XCOM 2 Grenadier Class Guide

This guide details everything you need to know about the Grenadier Class in XCOM 2 including Class Abilities, Weapons, and how to play it efficiently.

The Grenadier Class in the game is equipped with a grenade launcher and a minigun. The class can either specialize in Demolitions or focus on bringing out more of their minigun by choosing Heavy Gunner.

XCOM 2 Grenadier Class

One of the first things that you will notice about Grenadier Class if you have already played the prequel is its incredible range. These soldiers can now toss a grenade at considerably large distance (which you should definitely consider doing).

In addition to this, smoke grenades and flashbangs can also provide support to your teammates and even save their lives. At multiple instances, you will be asked to destroy a given enemy target which you will be able to do so without actually revealing your position.

However, if there is a risk involved, you should definitely consider tossing a couple of Plasma Grenades which will give you some breathing room and a chance to escape before enemies recover.

Contrary to the popular belief, the class is not only efficient against enemies with armor, but can also deal some decent damage during the early game using Shredder which will enhance your allies’ future attacks.

In addition to Shredder, the Chain Shot bodes really well with gun modifications by granting you two powerful shots for the price of one – at the cost of reduced aim obviously. When it comes to Suppression, do note that it breaks the Overwatch on the enemy it is being used on.

Last but not the least, the Heavy Ordnance is a really beneficial ability as it not only applies to standard grenades, but also on specialized explosives which must be paid for at the Proving Grounds. Read on for all the class abilities at Grenadier’s disposal:

Grenadier Class Abilities

Starting Ability: Launch Grenade – The Grenadier uses a grenade launcher to fire grenades rather than throwing them. This allows for greater range and grenade capacity.

Blast PaddingDemolitions Expert
Your gear includes layers of extra padding and blast plates, granting a bonus point of Armor and 66% less damage from explosive attacks.

ShredderHeavy Gunner
Your cannon attacks shred armor.

DemolitionDemolitions Expert
Unleash a volley of bullets at your target’s cover, significantly damaging or destroying it. Deals no damage to your target.

SuppressionHeavy Gunner
Fire a barrage that pins down a target, granting reaction fire against it if it moves, and imposing a -50 penalty to the target’s aim.

Heavy OrdnanceDemolitions Expert
The grenade in your grenade-only slot gains a bonus use.

Holo TargetingHeavy Gunner
Any directed cannon shot, hit or miss, will mark the target, increasing your squad’s aim by +15 against this target.

Volatile MixDemolitions Expert
Your grenades have an increased radius of 1 tile and deal +2 damage.

Chain ShotHeavy Gunner
Take a shot with an aim penalty of -15. If you hit the target, you take another shot on the target automatically.

SalvoDemolitions Expert
Launching or throwing grenades, or using heavy weapons with your first action, will not end your turn.

Hail of BulletsHeavy Gunner
Unleash a hail of bullets that is guaranteed to hit your target, but uses a lot of ammunition.

Saturation FireDemolitions Expert
Fire a cone shaped barrage of bullets at every enemy in an area. In addition, the cover of those enemies can be damaged or destroyed. Uses three ammo.

RuptureHeavy Gunner
A Rupture shot deals critical damage and ensures that the target takes an additional +3 damage from all attacks in the future.

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