xCloud Gets 20M Active Users Each Month

Xbox's Xcloud streaming service has grown to 20 million active subscribers since it launched, according to a LinkedIn post.

One of the biggest forces in Microsoft’s gaming corner this generation is xCloud, its cloud-based game streaming service. LinkedIn profile of Andrew Jenkins of Microsoft gives us an idea just how popular the company’s streaming services are. According to the profile (via Timur222), xCloud has grown to 20 million active monthly users.

As you may already know, xCloud is available with the Ultimate Game Pass subscription tier, and allows you to not only play Triple-A games on your consoles, but also on your PC and even on your mobile device, though the service is still in testing for now. Xbox Game Pass games naturally offer users a wide variety to choose from for Microsoft’s cloud streaming service.

Despite it being available only at the highest tier of the Xbox Game Pass service, xCloud has proven to be a great success. As of January of 2022, Game Pass as a whole had 20 million subscribers, and five million more as of this year. Xbox Live and Xbox Game Pass have grown to 35 million subscribers.

While we aren’t sure how many subscribers do Sony’s PlayStation Now has currently, it was reported that PlayStation Plus (PS Now is part of PS Plus now) has around 47.5M subscribers. When PS Now was offered as a separate service, it was reported to have 3.2M subscribers.

Considering that Microsoft also has a huge cut of the PC market, it stands to reason that people might be willing to shell out $15 so that they can play Triple-A games on their PCs and run them with stronger hardware than a normal console would.

While there is no specific number to tell who got what service on Game Pass, the fact that it’s doing so well is a big mark in Microsoft’s favor, especially considering most of its games are available on Game Pass and thus can reach a wider audience, unlike Nintendo Switch Online and Playstation Now.

Hopefully, Game Pass will continue to grow in subscribers and allow games to reach new heights in terms of popularity.

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