Xbox Windows App Update Will Let You Install Games To Any Folder, And More

A new Xbox Windows app update will let you control what folders games are installed to, along with modding and other additions.

If you’re one of the people who makes use of Xbox Game Pass to play certain games on your PC, but have found yourself often hamstrung by being unable to tell where those files are going, Xbox has some good news for you in the form of an upcoming Xbox Windows app update.

The update, publicly announced by Tom Warren, senior editor of the technology blog “The Verge”, will let you install PC games onto any folder of your Windows PC, let you access those folders freely, and will even allow you to mod games. All of this makes lost disk space, or trying in vain to install Xbox PC games to a certain place, a thing of the past.

Currently, the update to the app is only being tested internally, so it will be a while before we actually get to see any results from this update. However, PC gamers that make use of the Xbox Game Pass on their machines will still likely eagerly anticipate the update’s full release.

The Xbox Windows app now being able to fully support modding is also a big plus, especially since modding is a big part of PC gaming. Many games like Left 4 Dead 2, The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim, and more have all been able to last far beyond their lifespan not just because they’re good games, but also due to near-limitless modding potential.

Along with the ability to dictate where files go, and the modding potential, the Xbox Windows App will also gain the ability to verify the status of a game’s files. Steam and for instance both have options to verify a game’s files and repair or re-download ones that are damaged or missing.

Altogether, it seems like this new update for the Xbox Windows app will mark a new turn in how Xbox games on PC run. There’s no indication of when the update will launch, but hopefully when it does, Xbox fans on PC will have a much easier time of installing and customizing games.

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