Xbox Series X|S Supply Constraints To Continue Until June 2021

The new Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S consoles will continue to see a supply shortage worldwide in the coming months.

During an earnings call for the third quarter ended for the 2021 financial year, chief financial officer Amy Hood noted (via VGC) that a “significant demand” will likely continue to outweigh supply for summers. Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S should hence still face supply constraints until June 2021 which will mark the end of the fourth financial quarter for Microsoft.

The admission should however not be taken as a confirmation that supplied units will ramp up for the new Xbox consoles to match demand either at the start or during the fifth quarter, July 2021.

Microsoft had previously warned at launch that Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S consoles will be available in short supplies until at least April 2021. With the worldwide demand increasing exponentially afterwards, Microsoft then updated that supplies will be unable to meet the growing demand by at least June 2021.

The latest reiteration from the third quarter earnings report further cements the supply constraints to continue for the coming few months.

In all likelihood though, the second half of 2021 will probably not fare any better. COVID-19 had already thrown a wrench in manufacturing and logistics. The ignition of scalpers worldwide became another concern as they began cleaning out stocks and inventories within minutes, coming around later to sell them back at ludicrous prices.

Even if Microsoft manages to ramp up supplies, the coming 2021 holiday season will just boost the demand for the new Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S consoles. It goes without saying that the situation will most probably normalize with the conclusion of 2021 or at least, the gaming community can keep their fingers crossed.

Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S retail for $500 and $300 respectively provided that they can be found available at a retailer.

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