U.S. Retailer Leaks Xbox Series X|S 512GB Expansion Card

It looks like the rumors were true and that Microsoft will soon be announcing a new and cheaper storage expansion card option for Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S consoles.

According to a report by WindowsCentral earlier today, promotional materials from an anonymous United States retailer confirm that Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S will soon receive a new Seagate 512GB storage expansion card. That as well as a new Seagate 1TB solid-state drive Game Drive for external storage.

Both storage options have so far been said to be “coming soon” but based on reports, have been slated for launch on November 14, 2021, or at the very least, around the 2021 holiday season. That hence tasks Microsoft to make an official announcement in the coming weeks.

As far as prices are concerned, the Seagate 512GB storage expansion card option will apparently retail around £125, making it significantly cheaper than the existing 1TB option which retails at $200 or £200 at the time of writing.

Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S have fairly limited but expensive storage expansion options. Purchasing an Xbox Series storage expansion card right now is no small feat. It hence reasons that players choose from either a 500GB or 1TB external solid-state drive which currently retails at $81 and $113 respectively. However, going up to 2TB will make for a pretty steep purchase at around $350.

The new storage expansion options will hence give players a cheaper alternate.

It was last month when a French retailer leaked a new 512GB storage expansion card for Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. The solution was said to be far cheaper than the current 1TB option and suggested to be priced less than half of what it would cost if the current 1TB price tag was split. Hopefully, that comes to be true as well.

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