Xbox Series X Trailer Is More Popular Than Xbox One

Microsoft has taken the lead in the next-generation console race by being the first to reveal Xbox Series X, previously known as Project Scarlett. With Sony yet to do a similar reveal for PlayStation 5, the internet has been lining up to see what Microsoft had been building these past few years. The exclusive attention on social media platforms has worked great for Xbox Series X and suffice to say, Microsoft will be incredibly content with the reception so far.

The official reveal trailer, which went live last week, has already crossed 8 million views on YouTube at the time of writing. In comparison, the official reveal trailer for Xbox One is sitting just past 7 million views on YouTube. The difference in views may not be much but what’s noteworthy is that Xbox Series X racked up those numbers in only five days, while its predecessor has had nearly eight years.

The start of a new console generation is always an exciting time with a lot of anticipation for new announcements and reveals. Hence, Xbox Series X receiving millions of views on YouTube in less than a week is hardly surprising. However, the next-generation successor beating the current-generation model (in views) does reflect on how Xbox One had a pretty controversial reveal, which led to severe negativity and ultimately pushing customers away.

Nearly six months before and after the launch of Xbox One, Microsoft was blasted with one controversy after another. The high price point. Forcing Kinect with every sale. Being an always-online console. Not playing used games. Features that got rolled back. Microsoft looked pretty confused and flip-flopped on every issue, something that eventually gave Sony a mighty powerful stance in the market with PlayStation 4. With Xbox Series X, Microsoft looks to have learned from the past. The company has been singing all of the right tunes. This time, Xbox Series X will be all about games, something that was another subject of concern in the past.

Microsoft has confirmed that Xbox Series X will launch worldwide in the holiday season of 2020, which would be November 2020. Expect pre-orders to go live mid-year, probably after Microsoft is done with its E3 2020 press conference. The company has not revealed any pricing but a $500 tag looks probable.

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