Xbox Series X Slogan Is “Power Your Dreams”, Trademarked by Microsoft

Microsoft has proceeded to trademark the Xbox Series X slogan, almost a year before its official release. The company promises that its next console will “Power your Dreams”, a statement suitable for the system since its power is the one thing we can take for certain. After its initial use during The Game Awards 2019, Microsoft is making the move official.

It might still be early for the Xbox Series X slogan to start popping up on trailers and promo posters. However, Microsoft wanted to make sure that the grounds have been set for the console to make a statement when its marketing phase starts. Previously, the phrase was used by Lenovo for its Yoga lifebook line and similarly found at advertisements for Honda cars. The news about Microsoft trademarking the slogan for the new Xbox Series X comes from Wccftech and was filed on December 31st. The trademark itself doesn’t offer any information on the console.

Choosing a subtle yet powerful catchphrase for the next system gives Microsoft the opportunity to express its dedication to Xbox and how the gears are shifting in its favor. Undeniably, its capabilities and its upcoming library will prove useful into “powering our dreams” while the fan-favorite Xbox Game Pass will give players more opportunities to enter “dreamy realms”. With hints like the fact that Xbox Series X will offer resolution up to 8K and super-fast booting speed, we bet it can really deliver power.

In related Xbox Series X news, Phil Spencer set the record straight over a mishap recently, revolving an unofficial picture of the console. According to him, the picture that AMD used at a recent conference was not sourced from Microsoft and doesn’t accurately represent the Xbox Series X’s design. In reality, its showcased ports are missing its VGI and DPA adapters.

For what it’s worth, it won’t be long before Microsoft starts the Xbox Series X marketing campaign and we’ll know for sure what its specs and launch titles will be. Until then, we can all appreciate its design and ponder how cool it will look in our setup.

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