Xbox Series X “Quick Resume” Feature Sounds Like A Magic Trick

We have been getting a lot of news regarding the upcoming Xbox console. An Xbox Series X feature by the name of ‘Quick Resume’ will allow players to jump back into the game in a flash in case they need to restart the console.

This feature does seem like it could come in handy when you are in a crucial stage of the game. One of Microsofts representatives, Larry ‘Major Nelson’ Hryb states that the speed at which this will happen will surprise everyone. This is what he said on a recent podcast:

I had to reboot [XSX] because a system update arrived , and then I went back to the game and went straight back [to where I left it]. So survive a reboot.

We all know that feeling when you are in the middle of something important and a pesky system update forces you to restart your machine. Cursing at the update while anxiously waiting to get back to a task or into a game is all too familiar to us. Looks like this Quick Resume feature was made specifically for that situation. This could allow gamers to salvage their game progress up until the restart occurs.

Though it does make us wonder if we will be able to recover the game state from multiple games at a time. Looks like we will have to wait and see what this Xbox Series X feature is truly capable of.

We recently got a spec sheet relating to the upcoming Microsoft console. The console will have a whopping 12 teraflops of graphical power. The GPU will have RayTracing technology and Variable Rate Shading.

The upcoming machine will be able to play all the previous Xbox console games. A Smart Delivery System will ensure that a single copy of a game will run on the current and next-gen console.

All Xbox Series X features and powers will make the console a force to be reckoned with. Being more powerful than an RTX 2080 in terms of graphical performance is no joke. Especially considering that games are optimized for the console’s familiar hardware. An RTX 2080 card on its own can easily run all AAA titles at 2k resolution at the moment. It will be exciting to see what a console can achieve with this much power.