Xbox Series X Reportedly Outsold PS5 In UK For January 2021

Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S were combined the best-selling consoles in the United Kingdom last month according to a hardware sales report.

Taking to Twitter on the weekend, GamesIndustry head Christopher Dring stated that the new Xbox Series consoles comebined were the best-selling consoles of January 2021 in the United Kingdom. While the actual number of consoles sold was not shared, Dring pointed out that Xbox Series X (including Series S) has taken the lead for the first time since the new consoles were launched.

PlayStation 5 was reportedly the best-selling console in the United Kingdom for November 2020. Nintendo Switch then stepped up to rule the holidays in the country for December 2020. United Kingdom has hence seen three different best-selling consoles in the last three months.

Microsoft has not publicly shared how many Xbox Series consoles have been sold since launch, and which will continue to be observed by the console manufacturer as a policy. Sony Interactive Entertainment has however confirmed that 4.5 million PS5 consoles were sold between November and December 2020. Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S combined are speculated to have sold around 3.5 million consoles worldwide during the same period.

The demand for the new consoles continue to be far more than supply. Microsoft has previously stated that supply shortages of Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S will likely start to reduce around spring 2021. That being said, Microsoft has assured that it is trying its best to send out new stocks of consoles across the globe as fast as possible.

Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S are now available for purchase at $500 and $300 respectively.

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