Scalpers Are Selling Xbox Series X Mini-Fridges For Over $300

Xbox Series X mini-fridges officially became available for pre-orders earlier today but the entire stock was wiped clean within seconds before landing on several marketplaces for three times the retail price, courtesy of scalpers.

Xbox Series X mini-fridges carry a price tag of $100 and use a USB port to chill around a dozen cans. The real-life replica sold out within a few minutes after going live on Target earlier today. The number of purchasers continuously hitting the website even crashed the pre-order page. Target was quick to bring the page back online with a restock, but which sold out within seconds.

Unfortunately and rather unsurprisingly, a large number of those purchasers were scalpers. There are already several Xbox Series X mini-fridges listed on eBay and the going rate ranges between $250 to $350 after including shipping charges.

Scalpers have been enjoying a feast as of late. They wiped out recurring restocks of PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X (including Series S) consoles, as well as the new Nvidia GeForce RTX graphics cards and more.

A few months back, scalpers bypassed an anti-scalper queuing system on Steam to sell queue-spots of Steam Decks on eBay for inflated prices. Those Steam Deck listings began from over $1,000 and went as high as $3,500, even higher in some bizarre cases.

Thankfully, eBay took quick notice and removed all Steam Deck listings and even suspended the seller accounts as they had breached a pre-sale clause. It remains to be seen if eBay will take the same notice in the case of Xbox Series X mini-fridges as well.

Xbox Series X mini-fridges were born out of a meme when Microsoft revealed the looming monolithic design of its new next-generation Xbox console. Xbox marketing head Aaron Greenberg pushed the idea by promising fans a real-life Xbox Series X mini-fridge if they help Microsoft in winning a Twitter marketing poll at the time, which they did.

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