Xbox Series X Allows Hot-Swappable Memory Cards, No Reboot Needed

Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S will both offer an external storage solution in the form of removable memory cards. Hence, players in need of additional hard drive space can always purchase an expansion card. What players should know is that next-generation memory cards from Microsoft will be hot-swappable.

Taking to Twitter a couple of days back, director of project management Jason Ronald confirmed that Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S have been designed to allow players to hot-swap memory cards on the fly. There will be no need to shut down the consoles in order to swap the memory expansions. There will also be no need to reboot the consoles when done. The external storage cards can be simply removed, swapped, or inserted while an Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S is running, allowing for a plug-and-play storage solution.

The amount of storage space in consoles has always been a debate with the rising requirements of modern-day games. Xbox Series X will feature an internal 1TB NVME SSD at launch, while Xbox Series S will house an internal 512GB NVME SSD instead. Both storages will eventually prove to be limiting for regular players and where the 1TB expansion card will come into play.

A word of warning though. The removal memory cards of Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S will not be cheap. The internal storage drives of both next-generation consoles are custom-based for lightning-fast speeds that will reduce loading times in games by a significant amount. The external memory expansions will need to be compatible with Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S in order to take advantage of the same storage features. Hence, only specific third-party hardware manufacturers like Seagate will be licensed by Microsoft to release compatible memory cards. Using any other external storage solutions will either not work or prove efficient.

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