Microsoft’s Looking Into Xbox Series X Controllers Losing Connection

Microsoft has officially acknowledged a problem with the new Xbox Series X controllers (including Series S) losing connection with the console.

According to a new Xbox system update earlier today, Microsoft has started looking into the problem. Until a fix has been confirmed, players are advised to “try reconnecting the controller to the console wirelessly or with a USB cable, or if possible, connecting another controller and then submitting feedback.” If that fails as well, players should reboot the console before trying to reconnect their Xbox Series X controllers again.

Xbox Series X controllers losing connection or experiencing syncing issues was being reported by players since launch last November. The problem did not appear to be that widespread at the time. However, more reports surfaced last month to get Microsoft working on solving the disconnection problems. The console manufacturer has confirmed that a working solution will be included in a future update which remains to receive a release window.

The problem appears to be software-related because players have reported disconnection issues with both wireless and wired Xbox Series X controllers. Microsoft will hopefully release a hot-fix soon.

This is unfortunately not the only problem facing Xbox controllers. The older Xbox One, as well as the Xbox Elite, controllers are known to have drifting issues. That is where the controller starts registering movements on its own without any player-inputs. Microsoft has already been slapped with at least two class-action lawsuits for not disclosing the defect to the public and refusing to repair its defective controllers without charge. Microsoft will now be settling the lawsuits out of court, as reported last month.

Elsewhere, Microsoft has been rumored to be preparing a technology-related announcement next week for Xbox Series X. While obviously not confirmed, Microsoft is alleged to be ready to release a previously promised update that will double the frame-rates of backwards compatible games on Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S.

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